Question New mobo no audio windows 10

Oct 25, 2018
So I just swapped out my motherboards/cpu and everything went smooth until I tried using my headset. I just swapped to the msi z270 pc mate with an i5-7600k. I use a hyper x cloud 2 headset which uses the 3.5mm pink/green audio plugs. Realtek recognizes the headset being plugged in and allows me to select the headset. When viewing the device it shows that the speakers(headset) is picking up audio but nothing is coming through. The mic won't pick up anything at all.
So far I have tried everything I can think of. I updated all drivers. Nothing changed. I uninstalled and deleted all drivers. Re downloaded and re updated and still nothing, Uninstalled and did NOT delete drivers and let them update. Nothing. Uninstalled all and deleted all then used the mobo disk to download all drivers. Nothing. Made sure to set headset as default device. Went into BIOS and made sure the hd audio is enabled. Swapped between front and back ports every time and nothing changed. Made sure mixer volume was all the way up and headset volume was all the way up instead of all the way down.
I am down to two other options unless someone else can think of something I am missing. Buy an audio card/usb converter for 3.5mm jacks or wipe the windows 10 and do a clean install. I would rather not spend more money right now on another part (I know they can be cheap but money is tight) and would rather not lose all my apps as redownloading everything would take ages. I am pretty sure since switching over to a new mobo/cpu it didn't make me reactivate my windows code that it has something to do with the windows.