Question New PC build urgent help

Jul 29, 2021
Hello, I’m building my PC currently and need help quick. My motherboard Asrock B450 Steel Legend won’t allow my Corsair H100i to fit the radiator & fans at the top.

Can I install the radiator on the inside with the RGB fans provided with the case facing outwards?

The main problem I have is that I have ordered a GPU with a radiator as it is the Gigabyte XC3 Ultra Hybrid so that won’t have anywhere to fit in the case after that arrives. So unsure whether that may fit in the top or if i’d be better off trying to find another card.

Case: Phanteks P400a
Motherboard : Asrock b450 Steel Legend
Cooler: Corsair h100i

Please help


They don't list support for top mounted radiators.

So essentially you have a chassis that supports one 120mm radiator, and you now have two. Buy a different chassis would be the simple solution.

If I take your meaning, you want to top mount the radiator and have the fans on the outside? You can do that, be a little ugly though. Also not as effective as having the fans up against the radiator.