New PC has Display Problems? PLEASE HELP


Jul 11, 2014
This might be a bit long. Just got a new acer computer, it has a nvida geforce graphic card. Set it all up and connected it to my old LCD monitor via the VGA cable, no signal kept on popping up and I can't access the monitor menu unless it has received a signal. I tried connecting it to one of my small HD ready TV's via a HDMI cable, it worked. The problem is that the picture quality was awful, words were fuzzy and I tried everything in the display setting to get it looking better but nothing worked. The second thing I did was connect it up to my other small HD ready TV by the VGA cable, there was no picture on that either, so the VGA seems to not work at all. I then tried HDMI on the same TV and the picture quality was also terrible like the other TV. I cant try DVI because I don't have the cable. I cant connect it up to the old monitor through HDMI because the monitor does not have that port.

After researching both of my HD TV specs I found that they both had 1366x768 resolution, except one of them had 50Hz refresh rate and the other had 60Hz. Tried matching PC display resolution to that and the quality is still bad, no improvements.

Any ideas why the display quality is so bad? Is it because of the TVs? Do I need a new monitor and if so what type of monitor do I need?

Thank you to anyone that responds.

EXTRA INFO: Connected a laptop up to TV by the VGA cable, the quality was fine, so what's the problem?
I would first try uninstalling the GPU drivers and doing a clean install. Just to double check, are you plugging the video cables into the video card outputs or ones from the motherboard (if it's an intel platform with iGPU or AMD APU platform). Do you have any access to another computer that you could test the Geforce card from the new Acer in?