Question new PC randomly restarts without any warnings.

May 16, 2022
Okay this is a huge "thing" that has been going around since I built my pc, so after finishing my pc I decided to boot up to my old ssd which was previously connected to an intel cpu. The boot was fine until I reach to the login screen my pc just randomly restarts!
I decided that's an os thing especially that it didn't happen in bios. I then erased my ssd and installed a fresh new windows 11, the setup was fine until I reached to the "checking for updates" part I spent some time figuring out the issue then decided it might be my new rtx 3050 so I removed the graphics card and installed my old gt 740 card which didn't need a pcie cable. I then booted into the setup again and it worked; I got past the checking for updates part, but then after booting into windows and downloading drivers. My pc restarted again. so it wasn't my gpu. I installed my old gpu and had a look at the bios, I enabled cpu Precision Boost Override which made y pc stay without restarting for a longer time, but then it started restarting when playing games. I changed the pcie gen from 4 to 3 and then I could play games for a longer time! but unfortunately it still restarts. I got new ram sticks since I had my old ones in my new pc which were a kingston 2666 mhz then I installed brand new corsair vengeance rgb pro 3600 mhz. Now everytime I boot to 3600 mhz or enable A-XMP my pc restarts at login and if I disable cpu Precision Boost Override y pc doesn't POST or boot at all and I have to reset bios by removing cmos. Now I am running at 3200 mhz and with cpu Precision Boost Override enabled and it just restarts at random times; sometimes after 5 mins of booting and sometimes after hours of booting.

So now my conclusion:
RAM sticks are fine as I replaced them
CPU is working as expected
GPU is also working perfectly as I tried another one
PSU is in good conditions as I ran a HWInfo test to see what happens when it restarts and the 12v and 5v rail stays as expected ("11.965 and 5.04 minimum")
I also ran HWMonitor and everything looks fine.
is there anything that needs to be tweaked in the motherboard's bios??

My setup:

MBO: msi b550m pro vdh-wifi
PSU: cooler master mwe bronze v2 750w 80 plus bronze
CPU: AMD ryzen 5600x
GPU: RTX 3050
RAM: corsair vengeance rgb pro 3600 mhz
also an ssd 120gb and an hdd 1tb
plus coolmoon rgb fans that are plugged directly in psu

HWinfo file after restart:

UPDATE: I noticed in the HWinfo file that the Vcore when the restart is triggered drops to 1.02. can that be a problem?
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