Question New PC System too Large for Dorm Room

Apr 16, 2019
So a few years ago I bought a pre-built system. Nothing special. I began replacing and upgrading parts and moved it to a larger case so I can upgrade even more parts in the future. Being the idiot I am, I didn't consider that I'll be moving to a small two-person dorm in August, which is not the best place for a large system. I still want to use the capabilities of my new system, so I came up with a few ideas.
  1. Get a smaller case and transfer the CPU, GPU, and RAM to a microATX mobo. Would be costly and would make my new rig useless for four years. Too much of a hassle.
  2. DIY project where my PC is a host, leave it at the house and link it through a wireless connection. The wifi probably won't be great in the dorm so that might be a lot slower but I kinda wanted to build something like this to show it off.
  3. Bring the PC and put it in the closet and just keep the monitor out. Won't really help with much since I'll still have to bring it and move it constantly throughout the school year.
  4. Get an external PCI E slot and put the GPU into my Surface pro. Worst idea yet for obvious reasons.
Any other suggestions? I'm actually interested in starting a project where I build a compact system that would do everything I need it to do. I do a lot of video editing, animation, some gaming, and other graphics rendering so I'll love to have a something to do over the summer.


It would make my new case useless since I recently moved it . Pretty expensive case.
Yeah, but that doesn't make your entire rig useless. You'll still have a working computer! Just a case you're not using.

It's a sunk cost anyway. The money's gone whether you use the larger case or not. The only question is what's a better fit for your lifestyle going forward.