New Processor problems


May 16, 2012
I'm in the process of updating my computer

I'm building off of a computer I bought a couple years ago just trying to get a couple parts that are compatible.

Before addition I'm using the Compaq CQ5205y model.

I don't need anything super fancy so I just want to upgrade the Video card and CPU.

I started with the PSU because i knew that the 250w base one was too small i bumped up to 750w which is probably overkill.

i upgraded the video card to the Nvidia GTX 550Ti. This upgrade is functioning perfectly as intended.

I am trying to upgrade the CPU now. I have a Phenom IIx4 960 CPU but when I install it none of the peripherals (mouse keyboard etc) power up and the Monitor displays nothing. I have checked several websites and it says that my motherboard supports this CPU upgrade. I am not sure how to proceed from here.

I have also searched for a BIOS upgrade for the mother board and there doesn't appear to be one. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.