New System - Replacing Processor & Flashing BIOS


Feb 4, 2009
Hey Everyone. I recently built my first full system. I am in the process of upgrading my processor to the new AMD Phenom II X3 720. My motherboard is an ECS A780GM-A (

I need to flash my BIOS to ensure compatibility with my new processor. I've only flashed my BIOS via floppy disk. My new build does not have a floppy disk drive!

Will my board plug & play with the new processor so that I can flash the BIOS from the desktop, or will I have to flash the BIOS some other way? Is there another way (USB jump drive)?

Please help?!?
Check the bios version necessary for your new processor. Flash with the old processor in place.
You can flash with a USB drive or a CD or a USB floppy drive as long as you can boot from them. A Dos boot is enough. See the instruction for ECS motherboards.
Get the software from here: