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  1. Question Dell DZ87M01 motherboard clicking noise and wont power on

    When I press the power button, or anything, nothing happens at all. Just a clicking noise whenever it is plugged in. No fans, LEDs, or beeps. Even with everything except for the 24 pin connected it still gives this clicking noise. I have tried a variety of components to use with it and none seem...
  2. T

    Question Is 2 cores enough for studies in 2020? (i7 7500u)

    Hello people! I have some component knowledge inside my head but since I only look and learn about components when I’m looking to upgrade my rig, I am now quite out of date. So I turn to you! I’m planning to start my studies this fall, to become a real estate agent, so the time to get myself a...
  3. Ex_Dr.Perimentz

    Question Idle Laptop CPU Spikes >90°C

    What I've got is roughly more than a year old Dell Insipron 3580. Specs: CPU: Intel i7-8565U RAM: 8 GB GPU: AMD Radeon 520 (Huge Bottleneck) HDD: 930 GB HDD (690 GB Free) Casing: Stock Heatsink: Stock Cooling technique: Air Cooling I had been using this laptop since few months for gaming...
  4. HardAsARockie

    Question CPU Usage at 100%, GPU Usage at 50% - Cyberpunk 2077

    Hello. I have an EVGA RTX 3080 coupled with an Intel i7-8700K processor. My average FPS in Cyberpunk 2077 is 65FPS, but I'm noticing that my CPU is taking the hit here. As said in the title, I checked through a recording of task manager through OBS that my CPU usage is hitting 95-100% while my...
  5. R

    Question CPU core #2 going above 100 Celsius

    Hi there, I have recently gotten a new case, motherboard, power supply, and cpu cooler to get a new look. I have an intel i7 7700, and it has been overheating without playing games, every time I open up a simple program, the temperature in core number 2 goes up to 100 C. I have taken off and put...
  6. I

    Discussion Upgrade i5 to i7/i9

    I have a build that has an Intel i5 CPU and was wondering if it would be worth the money to upgrade to an i7 or should I full send to an i9
  7. I

    [SOLVED] What is the ideal power supply for Intel Core i7 4770k (Haswell) 4000ghz with GTX-970 (4gb) GPU?

    I have recently updated my old PC and now wondering if my current power supply can serve well enough. My current build is 12gb DDR 1600 RAM MSI GTX 970 - 4gb Intel Core i7 4770k (Haswell) 4000ghz (hasn't got an optimal cpu cooler yet) some hdd/ssd I am looking to either upgrade or downgrade my...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] CPU Core Clock Fluctuating on i7 10700K. is it Normal?

    the CPU core (on all 8 cores) clock speed is constantly fluctuating between 800MHz to 5,200MHz at Idle and also under load, I think. is this behavior normal and safe for the CPU? I'm using HWINFO64 to monitor and my CPU is an i7 10700k.
  9. Prad_Bitt

    [SOLVED] Mobile Ryzen 7 vs i7

    Hi so my friend needs a laptop for animation and graphic designing kinda stuff. for gpu we've decided on the 2060 max q/mobile whichever, and for CPU would a 4000 series Ryzen 7 be better or a 10nm Intel i7? I've read that Intel is better for gaming and ryzen for content creation but certain...
  10. T

    [SOLVED] i7 7700k worth the upgrade?

    Hi guys, imma cut straight to the chase. I have an i5 7500 @3.4 ghz and an msi rx580 8gb OC. Where I live right now, i7's are pretty cheap. I'd like to upgrade my cpu (lga 1151 only) to an i7 as I mostly play ETS 2, which is quite cpu-heavy for me among other games. If I were to get the i7 7700...
  11. noeljm

    [SOLVED] i7 6700k - High Temp issue

    I have a gaming build which is close to four years old now (built it in 2016). Specs: CPU - Intel i7 6700k @ 4GHz. Turbo upto 4.2 GHz (no overclocking) GPU - Zotac GTX 970 (no overclocking) CPU Cooler - H100i GTX Motherboard - Asus E3 Pro Gaming v5 BIOS version - 2606 Case - Corsair C70...
  12. Pandofla

    [SOLVED] Laptop significantly slows down while plugged in/charging

    (TL;DR is at the end of the post) Hello everyone. My current laptop is an HP 15-r218nv. I know this isn't the best laptop for gaming, but it gets the job done. I have bought it 3 years ago and it has worked great throughout all this time. Last year, the laptop began to overheat, and because I...
  13. Y

    [SOLVED] Should I change my laptop for MAYA or other CPU consuming software?

    My laptop is Dell inspiron 15 7577: i5 7300HQ 16Gb RAM GTX 1050 - 4Gb 1Tb HDD Do I need to consider selling it and buy a newer i7 laptop for entering Animation path, which may need to use MAYA and other software that require a great CPU performance? Sometimes I tried games on emulators (Cemu...
  14. nimpa

    [SOLVED] Which is the better buy I5 4590 vs I7 4790s?

    Currently I am looking to buy a spare pc for either my personal use(programming, streaming, mail, web, etc...) or to use as a dedicated plex server There are two variants i could buy. One with intel i5 quad core 4590 or the intel i7 quad core 4790s. the only thing is that the pc with the I7 i...
  15. A

    Question Forza Horizon 4; gpu only being used at 40%

    So I recently downloaded Forza Horizon 4 on my PC. When I got on I was getting bad FPS and my gpu was only being used to 30%-40% I know the game is well optimized for PCs but my gpu (1050ti) is not being used to its max and the game is currently hard to play. I have uninstalled and reinstalled...
  16. E

    Question Thermal paste on the CPU

    I bought an i7 3770K but it came stained with thermal paste, although the rear of the CPU is clean (shown in pictures) Is it safe to put it in the motherboard? It won't explode? I don't want to Removed up the CPU or the Mobo, or both. Please help. View: View...
  17. I

    [SOLVED] 3x 4K Monitors on 2 GTX 1080s?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to upgrade my set up pretty significantly and am having trouble coming to the conclusion if the following idea is possible. I would like to set up three 4K monitors side by side. I will game only on the one in the center, putting things on the other two at my leisure...
  18. NerdyComputerGuy

    Question Upgrade from Pentium g3258 to i5 4690k or i7 4790k

    Hi, I have the pentium, which processor should I upgrade to, i don't wanna buy new mobo and ram. the i5 4690k is £95 cheaper than the i7, i am tight on money and I just use my PC for streaming / gaming, i do some video editing but with my pentium its kinda fine with cuda cores although it does...
  19. Hmda77

    Question I have problem with my Nvidia GPU and Intel CPU

    Hello dear friends, I have Asus X556U with 940MX Nvidia graphic and Intel i7-7500 CPU. When I launch a game or start rendering a video, task manager showed me that rendering was going on with Intel GPU. I searched on YouTube and find out that I should change some settings in Nvidia control panel...
  20. T

    Question Intel i5 9400F vs i5 9600k vs others for audio workstation PC

    Guys, i use my pc for audio production and mixing, not gaming (i have a gt 710). I don't want to overclock. Should i buy intel i5 9400F or 9600k or other (only intel please)?. I want a powerful cpu that will last for years (my actual entry-level pc lasted 10 years). My config will be 32GB ram...