New weather report being trialled


Nov 19, 2001
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On Sun, 20 Mar 2005 13:34:05 +1100, "Jittered" <>

>He goes an interesting article I found about a new weather reporting system
>for pilots and forecasters that is being trialled, its called TAMDAR,
>Tropospheric Airborne Meteorlogical Ddata Report.

I've been flying since 1978 and professionally since 1985.
When I took training, I visited a Flight Service Station to see how
things worked.
At that time all weather text was sent via a teletype machine (or
something that looked like it..) So all the abbreviations made sense.
(anything to cut down on keystrokes)
Now we're in the computer age (for quite a number of years now)
Why we can't use a less abbreviated way of sending weather info?
Metars helped.. but could still improve..
Using plain english MIGHT cause a problem for those who's primary
language is something other than english but they can muddle through a
Terminal forecast in its present form...
I still occasionally call Flight Service to confirm what a certain
abbreviation means..

Just my personal rant..