Question Newly built pc won't post

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Dec 6, 2019
Just double checking about cpu_fan header again. Looking at your mobo layout, theres a couple cha_fan headers for chassis, just checking not made the mistake thinking cha for cpu. Print can be small and cha almost looks like cpu lol.

The upper right most header above pump is the header you're using yeah?
oh sorry i didn't see you had responded again! yeah it was definitely in the cpu fan header, would the cooler fan even turn on if it wasn't in the right header?! not sure haha

an update though: i was just going to go return my psu and cpu at the store and get new ones. but i figured since i'm taking out the psu anyway, i wanted to try my old psu despite it being crappy. anyway long story short - everything spins and lights up with old psu, but NO POST!! so the only other option is it's the cpu?! which i'm in disbelief of. like, how?

i'm going to take the psu and cpu to the store today and explain the whole situation and see what they say. i'm frustrated if i went and got a new mobo and ram for no reason whatsoever. i'm gonna admit myself to an institution if i install the new stuff tomorrow and it still doesn't work, because then i'm out of options hahaha (already going crazy :tired:)


Cpu would be one of the last components to suspect i guess, it's the only original part left.

The reason i asked about the cpu_fan is if this isn't connected, like connected to cha_fan instead, the motherboard doesn't know if the cpu is being cooled and prevents the system from operating to protect the cpu.