**Redone photo's, hope they're the original ones posted for the captions :p**
**Edit, links out of date so added text.
After trying to figure out upgrades for our current rigs, I though I may as well just build a new one altogether (Gf is happy with hers as is, pfft, women)

So after seeing the Xspc Rasa kits, Amd's 975BE and Inwins Dragonrider case I figured I'd put a prospective build up on here,
Ignore prices/out of stock messages as when it come to buying I'll be shopping around

In Win Dragon rider case
It will of course be modded to suit location and needs

Sapphire 5830
http://www.pixmania.co.uk/uk/uk/9563916/art/sapphire-technology/radeon-hd-5830-xtreme-1-g.html for the Gf's rig, then I can steal her 5770 and Crossfire it up with the one I have in mine

Asus M4a89td mobo
plate for things to sit on

Xspc Rasa Rx240 kit
This will be my first venture into water, liking the look and reviews of these kits and making the leap (Crosses fingers)

some hard drive
http://www.ebuyer.com/product/173804 for Windows and WoW to live on

Corsair vengeance Ram 1600MHz
2x http://www.scan.co.uk/products/4gb-(2x2gb)-corsair-vengeance-blue-ddr3-pc3-12800-(1600)-nonecc-unbuffered-cas-9-9-9-24-xmp-15v
8Gb should last me through a year or two I reckon and fill all four slots on the Mobo so its pretty :p
Amd955 (I think that was my original choice)
http://www.ebuyer.com/product/258000 to do the braining,
and all powered by
Corsair TX750v2
might try and find a modular but not too bothered as my cable management skills are pretty passable :p (O.C.D.O.C.D.O.C.D.O.C.D)

Overclocking yes, most likely just to 4Ghz **Might try a little higher with the chosen FX8150 hehe
Single monitor at 1680x1050
Because my pc sits with the front against a wall, the front of it is pretty much irrelevant to me so,
Modding the case will involve moving the panel from the top of the case (power buttons, usb headers, headphones etc) to the side panel, which to me is the front
hopefully I'll be able to make 2 optical drives fill the slot that leaves so they load from the top, if not I'll make a blank panel up or something
I havent added up the cost of this yet because I know I dont have the money hehe,
cue selling old mobile (N97, almost pristine nick)
Spare forks for Motorbike Vf750f 39mm, not bad nick
and kidney, just one, (condition not stated)
So, any comments/questions/suggestions?



Apr 17, 2010
Interested to see how you will mod that case and how it will look after. Usually when I mode a case I try to find the most cleanest case to work with.
After some pre-build chatting with a trusted mate,(read 'Cleverereverer than me')
I'm going to drop the hard drive, I have a 500Gb Barracuda sat here doing nothing so may as well use that
And hmm, seeing as the 5830's are so cheap do I,
Crossfire two of those, two 5770's or go sing, no, I want crossfire dammit, no single cardage in this one
So, off to find comparisons of 5830 vs 5770 crossfire tests,
is the 5830's locked bios going to hurt me too much......

My modular psu resolve is slipping too, http://www.ebuyer.com/product/227500 aint she purty?

I've also been poring over dragonrider pics trying to see little details that may affect modding, research as follows

The panel from the top will fit on the side panel, albeit in a vertical position, no problem with that,
The psu filter is going to be persuaded to go on the outside, I'm not removing the psu everytime I want to clean the filter :p (another reason for a modular psu though)
the mesh and 220 fan are out, It'll be replaced by an acrylic window showing off the frame on the sidepanel (And the shiny well-lit insides ofc)
Hard drive cage looks like its going to be removed and cut up then an access hole in the top for the optical drive/drives (might get away with just the one Dvd Rewriter) and replace enough hdd cage (Screwed to roof, not original placement) to hold that and the res/pump from the Rasa kit in place
Thats about all I can think of at the moment, graphics comparison time
**Pretty set on the 5770 Crossfire now, as I originally was anyway hehe**

I dont suppose Inwin wants to supply the case as a sponsor deal?
**Edit:No p.m.'s from inwin or their U.K. suppliers so I had to buy one :( (Life sucks kids, get used to it)
I'm going to have to send them a link to the thread when I'm finished hehe 'This is what you SHOULD have done' :p
Might even put the blue light logo on the side (So its visible) if they would :p
I reckon it'll last me a while so worth the extra money for the modularity, and although the reviews are picky about cable hiding (managements fine, but they cant seem to stick the cables in out of sight places)
Thats only because I havent done it yet :)


Jul 8, 2010
And honestly cables don't look all that bad if they are real neat and tidy... It's just when they are out of control that a build can get sloppy.

I have to say I do enjoy having room behind the motherboard tray for cables though.
Found a nice 4 pack of fans on Egay,
four of those on the 240 Rad, one at the rear exhaust, one at the front and one on the back of the cpu plate,
I think I'll keep one spare (not filling case with fans shock expressed by the better half :p)
Hooked up to http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Nesteq-FanMax-5-25-8-Channel-Fan-Controller-Black-/220739142835?pt=UK_Computing_DesktopComponents_RL&hash=item33651404b3 leaves me one spare control knob, I'm wondering if that can power my lighting ok? /wanders off to figure out led power draw....
Ok, Rents paid this month,
Bought the Dragon rider and a Rasa RX240 kit,
a pair of cathodes turned up this morning as well (although to be honest I just wanted the dual inverter from that for the twisty tubes coming later)
So hopefully this project is going to get underway properly soon :)

Will she power two of these though?

Love the look, have to figure out the mechanics of having two of those beasts tho, psu being the main Issue I can see
and unless I figure out a tidy solution to the problem, I'm afraid you may be able to see cables coming from the psu (Shock!)
I dont want to make a box up, it'd look pants I reckon, seen the psu cover things, dont like them so it will most likely be neat tidy 6'' of cable on view (/Cries)
add that to the inevitable waterhose from the cpu block on view, hmmm, this is going to be interesting....
Firefly definition of interesting btw :)
**Edit Rasa kit just turned up, off to play hehe :p
Awesome, thats good to know man, thank you,
That mobo will hold two of the CuII's but I wouldn't want to look for one that supports four lol, I'd need scaffolding in there :p
Rasa kit is looking good, the rad is housebrick sized, and it is definately going to be the focal point I wanted, balanced with two T-Virus resses the top of this rig is going to look great imo
I hate to sound like that X-wing pilot guy,
but look at the size of that thing......... thats a 12 can pack of Beer its next to


This is the RX240 with 4x120mm fans, I've used the 80>120mm fan adaptors as frame legs to mock it up,
I will be mounting four Gelid fans on there when I get those, but for a visual pointer,

Hope the Rider gets here today :)
Okaaay :)

Case arrived today,
bit of a quick unpack to check everything was well then off to sleep (love nightshifts)
Tomorrow its get on with some measuring, checking my ideas will work, maybe even some cutting and drilling
I'm about to multiply the Cases waveform by its complex conjugate....

Wow, its been a busy and productive day today,
weather was fine, everything went as planned and I'm fair happy with the project so far but this is a fairly big update so make sure your coffee's full :p

on to the piccies then,
I should mention I was supervised on the indoor work by Taz :)

220Mm fan and mesh came off, little scratches around the edge where it sat, but I'm thinking an allover coat of my favourite spraypaint when I'm done anyways

All the fans and included gubbins out of the case laid out nicelike
Included there is the top panel and the pcb from inside, usb's etc

Hmm, I'll need those mounting rails later.....

So a quick word from Mr Angle grinder and here they are :)

If I hadnt seen the twisty reservoirs, I was mounting two opticals in the hole left by the control panel, they fit almost perfectly hehe

I'll need to make up a blanking plate for that though

A lot of people in reviews complain about the placement of the psu dust filter, I mounted mine on the bottom and had to move the feet slightly, if Inwin moved them or redesigned the feet life would be easier for reviewers :p

Marked up mounting holes for the control panel on the side where I want it and got a bit cutty with Angle grinder, later realised a power button issue and cut out the area where I marked pwr button/reset button, or the little spring on the back didn't allow the button to be pushed lol


Rails fastened to the pcb and the whole thing fastened to the side panel
albums [...] AG0076.jpg

http://i136.photobucket.com/albums [...] AG0079.jpg
Looks ok to me
and the sidepanel still slides on as Inwin intended, no catching the front bezel at all
http://i136.photobucket.com/albums [...] AG0080.jpg
My Gf's old P4 case is helping out too, by supplying the metal for the false roof box and the Mobo tray cover (No pics of that yet)
http://i136.photobucket.com/albums [...] AG0081.jpg
http://i136.photobucket.com/albums [...] AG0082.jpg
The sata/powerlead for the optic drive feeds through it so that will be well hidden too
http://i136.photobucket.com/albums [...] AG0110.jpg
and painted up **Added after photo fail editing
http://i136.photobucket.com/albums [...] AG0125.jpg
And thats it as it stands at end of play today
http://i136.photobucket.com/albums [...] AG0086.jpg
next up is sorting the mobo rear cover out, drilling some holes for waterpipe routing thenIi'm kinda stuck,
I need the psu to decide on routing for that (Changed mind back to a non-modular, its going to be a lot tidier)
and the Motherboard so I can see where I need to drill holes in the Mobo tray
the graphics cards when I get them are having a support made up, cant do that till I have them obviously so unless any suppliers out there want to help me out, I'm kind of on hold till payday turns round
Hope you like the build so far,


Notes to self,
TX850 psu
Standoffs on back of mobo tray as spacers for panel cover
16mm holes req for hoses/grommets through case
plan fan controller placement/drilling for
6 right angle barbs, 4 straight (have straights already from kit)
cable tie anchors
Matt black spray cans :p
Having sold my N97 I ordered some sundries this morning, no takers for the kidney yet though :p
Acrylic sheet 3mm for the window
6x right-angled rotary barbs
8x grommets for cut-through parts of the case,
so hopefully I can add the window and start routing the hoses soon, still need a 16mm drill bit to make the holes with,
I reckon an engineering mate will have something I can use though,

Still not decided on the 955/975 bit, but by the time I can afford the Mobo/chip prices may have dropped more (If B.D. gets here :p)
and although I hear they're the 'same' chip, aren't the 975's a better quality one?
I'm going for plain distilled and a couple of killcoils in the loop, will that be enough to stave off bio-organisms or should I also add some nuke type stuff?
I'd prefer to keep the mix non-toxic due to our cats
but things are slowly getting there, psu and two twisty resses on payday, maybe Mobo if I have enough spare, going for the http://www.amazon.co.uk/ASRock-890FX-Deluxe4-Motherboard-8-channel/dp/B003Y5KNJ6/ref=sr_1_2?m=A3OGKN9Q7C0HV1&s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1307606793&sr=1-2
as that is going to let me use the onboard usb 3.0 header so I dont have to route the panels ports throught the rear of the case, its all getting there hehe :)
Grr, wrote up a great update, then got the 'you cant edit your message' /fume :p

anyhows, some water related doings yesterday,
Xspc res fits in the drivecage fine, just on the hdd rails, not the optical ones

Hooked up the barbs to the res so I could route the hoses and figure out what/where/why??

vanity shot of the lovely drillwork done by my mate (19.5mm holes for a 11/16mm hose if anyone needs to know)

which puts those Shiny rotary barbs right where I need them with plenty of play for adjustments later
(note the also lovely acrylic window mod, it arrived this morning,more on that later though)

cut a slope on both sides of the roofbox to allow hoses through and ground out a bit of the roll on the hdd cage to avoid any kinks
both feed and return on same side as the backside has no room to feed the hose and I didnt want to cut too much up :p

and that was yesterdays 'work' pretty much, I'm really happy with this build so far, and not a sign of actual computerness anywhere yet :p
now onto todays fun.....
So, unhooked all the hoses etc from yesterday, had a bit of drilling to get on with today when a knock at the door roused me from my musings....
Rotary barbs arrived and my acrylic for the window yay!!

you'll be forgiven for thinking I'm a noob and put the standoffs on the wrong side of the mobo tray but they're spacers for the back panel to sit on

See? leaves a slight gap all around the edge for those wires to feed through, a lot of the Rig will be all slathered in window trim to cover edges

Sits nicely in the specified gap, hang on though, isnt there supposed to be a hole for the fan at the back? brb :p

Me and Mr Angle grinder know how to make holes.....

Needs more finishing work but its in the right place

onto the roofbox then, taped it up to see what goes where and drilled some holes for holding screws

That done I sanded it all down inside and out

and its not looking half bad

a little clearance underneath for the cpu cable to sneak through and jobs a good one



Sorry about the click for last picture...
just the window to go....