[SOLVED] No Audio Output Device Installed

Jun 21, 2018
Hello.Built a computer for a friends son. It's nothing fancy.Just hardware that's never been unboxed.However after getting it completely built, there's no sound. It keeps saying No Audio Output Device Installed.I have tried for 4 hours now trying to fix this and nothings worked. I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on this machine.I have tried using Windows disc to do a repair and of course it says "no problems found".

I attempted a system restore. I've tried searching online for help and still nothings helped. Went into device manager, looked under sound video and game controllers and all I see is nvidia high definition audio listed 4 seperate times along with nvidia virtual audio device.Then theres usb audio device.That's it under sound in device manager.

Not sure what happened.I had sound.Restarted computer and sounds just gone. There anyway I can get sound back ?

Phillip Corcoran

It's also possible that you installed the Nvidia audio drivers for the audio chip on the Nvidia graphics card -- when you do this it disables the motherboard's Realtek audio so the motherboard's audio output jacks don't work.

What you need to do is uninstall the Nvidia drivers completely (both audio & graphics drivers) then start over, but this time choose "Custom Install" which allows you to deselect the Nvidia audio drivers before continuing. That's what I did and it restored audio through Realtek sound chip via the motherboard speaker out jack.
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