No Automatic Updates???


Jun 7, 2009
Hey All,

I wasn't sure where exactly to post for this topic so hopefully I'm close.

Essentially, I just built a new computer. It's a perfectly good working Windows XP build and is a machine I've been using for 2 years, just a new hard drive. I go to install XP Pro which installs fine. The problem is that obviously I start from scratch at SP1. I have installed one driver (Ethernet driver) to activate my copy of windows which was also successful.

All is well except for the step in this process where Automatic Updates is supposed to step in and say I've got a billion updates for you to download...but it's nowhere to be seen (Yes I have Automatic Updates enabled). Usually though, I have a tray icon for it in the bottom right hand corner but all I have is the time....that's it!

I know that Microsoft has stopped support for all of XP except for SP3 but what about those who need to GET to SP3 off a clean install? Am I missing something here??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


You're at the right place. You can download the complete Service Pack 3

Microsoft prefers you download the web installer or use automatic updates but those just don't always work as intended. If you download the whole thing, burn to CD, you'll always have it.

Since this is a new build, hopefully you have installed the chipset drivers first, then everything else. Installing the network drivers already is ok.
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