Apr 19, 2007
I have installed Vista about a month ago on my homeade machine. Everythign has been working fine, untill two days ago, i turn the computer on and it stalls at the point where the bios screen appears and does the memory count. As soon as it starts to count the memory it just hangs. I cleared the CMOS and restarted, nothing. I get to the gigabyte logo and its like my keyboard is dead. I take my keyboard and plug into my roomates computer and it works. I go out get a speaker for error beeps and i get one beep which is bios boot succesfully or something like that. The next day i turn the computer on and voila its on. Everything is going good then i do a regular shut down and try to reboot and same thing. THe system hangs as soon as the bios screen "POST"? appears and starts to do the memory count, it recognizes the chip and then says memory. Thats it, no error, no nothign just sits there. So i restart and hold del the whole time. I get a message as soon as i entere that Bios "post"? screen that says "prepare to enter setup" but then nothing, it hangs again. I cant figure it out, PLEASE HELP!! I just read some other posts about usb devices causing bios to hang. I am going to unplug everything, my external and ipod and see if that does the trick. My system is a gigabyte 9659-ds3, intel c2d e4300, 2gb corsair pc 6400 ddr2, evga 8800 gts, 520 w psu, 4 12cm fans. scythe heatsink, new sony and asus sata optical drives. antec p180 case.


Feb 27, 2006
lol, this same exact thing happened to me.

im running vista ultimate and one while folding i noticed that my e6320 was at 1.86ghz (stock) and i was like wtf. so i restart go into bios and put it back to 2.6ghz and hit save. and i have a gigabyte board so when you change clock speeds it does that scary complete shut down the power on cycle. it does this and restarts twice. and back at stock speed. i cleared cmos settings check all hardware and could not figure it out.

so i ended up unplugging everything usb and extra stuff, got it to work and didnt really think anything of it.

couple days later it happened again, and before i went to clear the cmos again i unpluged my ipod and put my OC back on, guess what, it worked.

ipods when left plugged into the pc running vista will cause the bios to go crazy. its a funny quirk. and amazing that you said you had an ipod plugged in. im 95% sure if you unplug it before you boot it will be fine. just dont leave it plugged in when you turn it off.