Question No display after uninstalling GPU drivers ?


Apr 27, 2015
Ok so I happened to notice at one point that my buddies cpu cooler was on backwards, and also wasnt even plugged in. We just met up so I could fix it but it didnt go as planned. I flipped the cooler with no issues and plugged it in, also noticing his power supply was upside down. I fix that as well and also plugged in the USB 3.0 that was also not plugged in. PC boots no issues. He boots rainbow six and we notice there is no nvidia low relfex option. We go to update graphics drivers, and as soon as he opens nvidia geforce, the pc blue screens. "ran into a problem" with the infamous :( . I rebooted and was getting drivers crashing left and right, mostly nvidia drivers but I also noticed a crash in something along the lines of "visuals C++". I go to device manager and uninstalled the graphics drivers. I also uninstall geforce experience which asked me to reboot. After that, no display. I try swapping the display connections, nothing works. I remove the gpu and boot through the motherboard display, still nothing. Cleared the CMOS. nothing. cant get a signal AT ALL. Any thoughts? All help is appreciated.


mobo: msi z370 gaming plus

cpu: i5 8600k

gpu: nvidia gtx 1660ti

psu: 650w corsair

ram: corsair rgb 16gb 3200mhz