Question "No input detected" random monitor failure


Oct 27, 2014
I have had my PC for 4 years and I use it often for gaming, but I don't think that use should cause the issues I'm having.
ASUS P9X79 LE, LGA 2011/Socket R, Intel Motherboard - (Manufacturer Refurbished)
Intel i7-4930K
16gb DDR3
GTX 1060 shortened (1fan) 6gb vram
4 tb hdd, 256gb ssd (Both only 4 months old)
(Other parts I can mention but I don't think they pertain to the issue)

I use two monitors, both plugged into my GPU using an HDMI and a display cable. Sometimes, regardless of the activity, both of my monitors will turn black and give the "No Input Detected" message. The computer will continue to run for a few minutes, with sound continuing and responding with both videos and games, as if I only turned the monitors off. After a few minutes, the computer will restart on its own. This occurs while I'm playing games, surfing the internet, or just with the computer on and idle, so I do not think it is temperature dependent (CPU never goes over 30C with corsair water cooler, and I have 5 fans in my case so I think there is decent airflow for the gpu), CPU or GPU load based, which leaves the motherboard or hard drive as the source of the issue. I'm running windows 8 off of my SSD, though after one such monitor error the PC had to "scan and repair" the C: drive, my ssd. I have all of my programs stored on my hdd (2tb of 4tb used), and have 50gb free on my ssd, so I don't know how I could be overloading either. I have Norton so I dont think it could be a virus, and it this point I have no idea whether its a hardware or software issue. If anyone has any idea what tests I could do or what the issue could be, please let me know.