Question No response of router (When I type my ip address to browser nothing happen)

Jan 14, 2022
Good morning, I can't get to my router configuration. When I type my ip address to browser nothing happen.

My problem: link here

Useful stuff
I have satellite dish for wifi which is connect with some converter which connect my router.
Name of router: hAP lite TC (mikrotik)
Model of router: RB941-2nD-TC
Router configuration not working for lan same for wifi
I tried disconnect router from power socket (same issue)
I tried contact my local ISP but people in support was angry to me and they didn't wanted help me. (Because I wanted ip of my router and login information. I wanted allow guest mode and set password) When they found out I broke router they begin be anger.

I'm sorry for my English.

Please help me
That doesn't do a lot of good when you blank out the address. Local admin addresses are all the same for everyone and are not public IP.

The manual says the IP for your device is

This is a hard one because that device is actually sold as a AP. That means it should not have any router function. BUT micotik stuff can be very advanced and many times can run in multiple modes. I am too lazy to dig though all the documentation to figure this out.

So if you are trying a different IP address than the one above you might be trying to get into something you are not suppose to. Then again the IP address might have been changed.

In any case if the box really is yours you should be able to factory reset it. If this is something the ISP controls your best option is to ask them to disable the wifi completely on the box and buy your own router to put in front of it. You can then do anything you want and treat their box as a modem.


You should have access to your own router. If you were mistakenly trying to access one of their devices (satellite dish or converter) then that could be cause for concern and confusion.

The first thing that we need is to understand all of the devices you have and how they are all connected.

Here is my line diagram based on my understanding of your post. Your English is fine so if I get something wrong - just correct my error.

ISP (Mikrokik) > Satellite dish === Coax cable ? ===> Converter --- Ethernet cable --->Router ---Ethernet cable to wired devices and ~~~~> to wireless devices.

Feel free to correct my line diagram as necessary. What is that "Converter" Any make or model information on it?

This router (verify if possible).

When you tried to access the router using the browser did you use the default router IP address (IP address as provided in the above link).

On your computer are you able to run "ipconfig /all" (without quotes). If so, do so and post the results here. You should be able to copy and paste the results - no need to retype it all.
That is kinda a switch it is really being used as a power injector.

I suspect the router is outside.

So kinda a hack way to get into the AP is to add a secondary IP to your nic.

I think you need to put in a static IP for your main IP and then under the advanced tab you can put in a different network. So if you main IP is say something like on the secondary you could put in
You used to be able to use DHCP for the main IP but microsoft changed something in the later releases I think. You can see your current IP with the IPCONFIG commands and just key that one into the IPV4 setting under the nic.

This should let you admin the AP. The IP you see as your gateway is likely the ISP router and I bet that is outside as part of the radio.
The other way to do it if you only want to make a change and then not really access much is to change the main IPv4 to You will not have internet access during the time you have this. Pretty much it is only to configure the AP.