Question "No signal" problem that’s a little more strange than any other post/article I have read

Feb 2, 2021
I originally wanted to make a post starting with. “I have irrational fears about handling computer hardware and now this situation has happened where I’m going to walk away with real irrational fears please help me understand what happened.”

I just built my first pc ever. And my prior pc was paired with my newer
24GL650-B monitor with a DP cable never had any issues.

I have read some things about no signal issues especially with DP cords, (I hope there’s something more to that atleast.) Things I read gave me a little hope that my monitor is not dead or on the way to being. It has only about 100 hours of use. I would rather this Monitor than my gpu though.

I loaded up metro exodus for the first time the game crashed. Just went no signal I’m not sure what I really should’ve done but I ended up having to just hold the power button to turn the computer off.

Sincr then some weird things have happened I really hope the culprit is this thing I keep reading about DP cords but I have had something happen that I haven’t read anywhere.

My monitor has a led light near the power/setting button. I had never really paid much attention to it but it I suppose its lit up when the thing is on or has power at least.

after my computer crashed when I first tried to play metro there was no signal but eventually it worked I can’t remember exactly what I did but one time I unplugged it and plugged it back in and noted that before then there was no power the led light wasn’t on near the power button.

this was strange but things worked I was able to play to game.

I needed to use my other computer to do something so I plugged it in everything worked fine I turned it off, unplugged it, plugged in the new computer.

I ran into the "no signal" issue black screen again which I know is common. But then quite literally the Monitor didn’t even have power. I also unplugged the port, I tried a different one with the computer on in frustration, is this bad? Some post somewhere suggested to unplug the monitor and just wait till Monitor led light turned back on upon plugging back in. turned on again. it eventually worked again plugged into a different wall the Monitor

I am very scared that something is amiss with my monitor (perhaps my GPU) I lean more towards the monitor though. I have read some similar things happening with display port cords just messing with the brain if you will of your monitor as well as your GPU or Windows?

I wonder if the way I have my computer and monitor normally plugged in is not safe it’s like one of those extender things that you plug-in and then you have 3×3 plug-ins no strip.

Computer has done some weird things too like. Pressing the power button after no signal didn’t turn off. Turned off 10 minutes later almost as if it was troubleshooting the mixup thing that I keep reading that display ports can cause. It restarted randomly(no action no my) 10 minutes later when I walked into the room the thing turned on I was like what the heck. Is my computer that smart that its trying to diagnose the display port issue? (even though by that time It turned on again I had unplugged the dp entirely)
It really does seem too much of coincidence switching computers and then all of that.

if windows or whatever was trying to figure something out almost fits with stuff I’ve read other posts suggesting confused windows and/or gpu and/or moniter.

As for my Monitor when I tried to find out what was going. There was no power period, after the thing happened it was infuriating I’m not sure if a monitor be the culprit. I hope it is. I just was excepting that my monitor was dead and it only has 100 hours on it and I was stupid I didn’t even register it. It’s past 60 days should I still try does anyone know more about that?

sorry for making this so long I hope this sort of explains the situation I don’t know how else to make this shorter this is just so infuriating I don’t even wanna touch my computer rn too upset.

any replies would be appreciated. I hope everything’s all right because I found my freaking HDMI cord too lol.


You must set your fears aside and methodically troubleshoot the problem.

Start by trying to determine if the problem is PC or monitor.

Do try another known working DP cable.

Then go forward by trying other video connections between PC and monitor. Discover if other video connection (HDMI, DVI-x, etc. work or not.) Pay attention to audio as well.

Try connecting your monitor to another known working computer.

Try connecting another known working monitor or even a TV to your computer.

Keep careful notes regarding what works or does not work. Change only one thing at a time.

Also: how do you power down the system? Windows needs to go through a specific series of actions in order to prepare for the next boot up. Sometimes Windows will be doing some extra steps during the shutdown process or even during the next power on in order to complete updates, etc..

If you just hard-power off the computer those steps will not happen with the results being corrupted files and lengthier boot times. Or other issues once booted.

Troubleshoot per the above, see what you can discover.

Post accordingly.
Feb 2, 2021
Thank you for the reply will post what I found.
And apologies for the double post I power my computer down with my mouse the normal way. I just didn’t think I had a choice. First time powered it down by holding it ( I didn’t think I had a choice hope I didn’t damage it) other times with black screen pressing it and not holding made computer turn off more gradually.