Question No sound after install of new GPU

May 24, 2019
Hi, I just installed a GTX 1070 into my computer. After I did this, No sound. I looked in control panel and I think it has to do with my GPU, However I am no expert. Please help
Edit: It should be going to my headphones which i tested on my s10 and they worked fine.

Full system specs:
god i have no idea what ram i have, But 16gb of it
GTX 1070 SC
gigabyte ab350m-ds3h
500W PSU
m.2 250gb
1TB hdd
I prob forgot some of the hardware, If you need specifics i can go on newegg and look at my buy history or something.
Im using Windows 10

Sincerely, isuckatanythingpcrelated
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Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS.

What audio and video connections are you using? Monitor, speakers, headphones?

Windows 10? Try running the built-in troubleshooters. The troubleshooters may find and fix something.


Most likely when you installed drivers for the video card, you also installed Hi Def audio drivers that default your audio out from the vid card's hdmi port as opposed to your pc's sound. Go into your Windows audio devices and change the default audio device. In the future, do not include the Hi Def drivers for the card in the installation process (or uninstall entirely the vid card drivers and do an advanced install that allows you to opt out of that portion of drivers..and geforce experience, 3d, etc if you have no use. I just install the graphics driver and physx).


Plus, what I was referring to:

"WIN" + "I" > Update & Security > Troubleshoot. (Wrench icon)

Where "WIN" is the Windows key, "I" is the I key and ">" directs you to the next step/action.

And do be aware that you can get to the troubleshooters using various paths.

Key is to use the various troubleshooters to discover or identify some constant result: e.g., error code or warning that relates to configuration, software, or hardware.

You can identify the problem either directly or by a process of elimination. Starting with the "simplest" to the more "complex". (Subjectivity conceded....)

Avoid any "snap" solutions that involve installing some tool or "fix-it" software. Likely they will show up as a solution no matter what the problem truly is.

Be patient, be methodical, keep notes as you go.