Question No video output from graphics card

Feb 28, 2019
I have very recently made my first computer but I have problems getting my monitor to get any input from the graphics card. I have a radeon Rx 580 8gb version and a Ryzen 3 2200G processor. I can plug my monitor into the motherboard slot with no problems, but when I try to plug it into the graphics card I get a black screen. The Graphics card is plugged into the PSU and is showing a red light. It even shows up in task manager and is functioning. I believe the problem is linked to the fact that i'm using a fairly old monitor that only has a VGA cable, so I have to use a VGA to Display Port adapter. But even when I test the computer on other monitors with hdmi, there's no input from the graphics card. This is probably a simple fix that i'm too stupid to know but any help is welcome.
(I'm using windows 10
I have a 650w PSU
My motherboard is an ASRock b450 pro4)

p.s -There are no video drivers installed other than those for my graphics card.