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Noctua i7 heatsink + thermal paste


Mar 15, 2009
How should i apply the thermal paste? I read around, and there are so many different ways i'm having a hard time picking. Also because i read that its conductive its really freaking me out.

How should i apply it? Should i put a decent amount (as in not too much) in the centre and let the heatsink push it out evenly, or should i use a card and spread, or should i put a small amount in shape of a line through the metal top and let the heatsink press it out?

If there are any better methods PLEASE let me know. \


Jan 7, 2009
It really depends on what type of HSF you have. If it has a flat base you only need a small dab in the center and let the HSF spread it around when you seat it. If you have an exposed heat pipe design, then the gaps between the base and the heat pipes prevent the TIM from spreading evenly, so it's better to use a couple of small strips or spread it out yourself.

But either way you should set it and then remove to see that it has spread properly. Start with a very small amount, it's easier to add a little more if needed than to clean up the mess if you apply too much.

OOOPS, too early in the morning, forget about the exposed heat pipe design thing, you stated in the title Noctua HSF.


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