Noob looking to build a good gaming rig


Sep 16, 2011
Hello, already purchased case and mobo.
case antec df-30
mobo asrock z68 extreme4 gen3
cpu i was thinking i5 2500k
need an idea of good video cards for under $250,good cheap PSUs,and in general any good advice

first of all you posted in the wrong section.

hardware > systems .... is where most people ask for new build advice.


personally i'd go with an i7 if you can as the prices are quite reasonable. though if you want an i5, that is an okay processor as well. i never got into the upper levels of cpus (as you can overclock if you REALLY need the headroom). i have an i7-920.

i personally have a gtx470 which was around the $300 price point over a year ago. you need to decide if you want nvidia or ati/amd. personally i hate ati/amd drivers so i stick with nvidia. check out the toms hardware charts for specifics on graphic card power.

you do not want to cheap-out when it comes to power supplies. if you buy a piece of junk and it fails on you, it could take your entire system with it (possibility of it at least). i know the corsair power supplies seem to get good reviews (i have the 1000w). as far as "good AND cheap" power supplies then there really is only one choice: sparkle power/fortron source (fsp) which i believe are the same company. its a cheap taiwanese psu but remarkably stable for the price. i have one that is over 6 years old.