(NOT A TROLL THREAD) Apple, and why do/don't you buy their products?

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May 13, 2013

I grew up with Apple as crazy as i did it with Mc donals. Its my brand and i Like the feeling of seeing the development.



Jan 3, 2011
The best way I can answer the OP's question is with one of my posts on a similar thread.
Well, this is definitely an old thread but, what better place to share my disgust for everything Apple.

I don't necessarily hate their hardware, although everything about apple is far to restrictive including their hardware.

That said, they are the perfect brand for someone that is so inept they don't even belong replacing a battery let alone any hardware inside their laptop or desktop computer.

They are a quality brand. They are just made for idiots.

I do hate Apples business practices. I hate their sue happy legal strategy. I hate the propaganda that insinuates that Apple has come up with every new development that has ever been created.

But, what I hate the most is their moronic fan base. While I have to admit that Apple has done a very good job of creating a fan base of brain dead sheep that any large corporation would envy, my issue with Apple is that they have done this with the total absence of any moral standards.

Would other tech company's do this? Surely some would if they thought they could get the same results but, it is Apple that is the leader in this, so it is Apple that has earned my hatred in this department as well.

The only value I see in Apple at all, is that they do make suitable, quality hardware for idiots with more cash than brains!
I dislike Apple and their practices to such a degree that I was actually happy when Steve Jobs died and I'm not a mean person. I don't remember being that happy someone died since Idi Amin died but, the day Job's died I had thoughts going through my head like "that's Karma for you" and "ding dong the witch is dead" Yea, distasteful I agree but, true.

Please note this is also not a TROLL POST, this is just the way I honestly feel about Apple and why I don't buy their products.

Some people may be insulted buy this. That is your right but, I didn't post this to insult anyone.

Some may rightly point out that there are some very intelligent people that like and use Apple. I have no doubt that that is true but, just because you are intelligent and knowledgeable is some areas doesn't mean you are in all.

We have all seen some very intelligent people make some very dumb choices. I know I have made some dumb choices in my life but, staying away from apple isn't one of them!

Bertito Vergara

Aug 17, 2013
I'm sitting behind a brand new iMac 27 inch i5 machine that I'm configuring for a friend. This is the first time I get acquainted with Apple. I've always considered Mac owners quite arrogant for they preach they have found the real deal and me, a Windows user, I'm just a victim of mass consumerism. I haven't seen the light and touch directionless in darkness :ange:

My experiences with the iMac so far
Hardware: I love it! The machine is completely silent and that gives me a feeling that I can concentrate better on my tasks. The screen is also very good, super high resolution, sharp and beautiful colors. The design is nothing less than gorgeous but these day not so impressive anymore. Several brands make all-in-one computers that are equally nice designed. Windows 8 has touch screen, but Apple doesn't. I don't mind cuz I don't like touch screen, but children do, so no touch screen option is a bit old fashioned. Wifi works awesome and very fast. Audio is too weak and needs an amplifier. Keyboard and mouse are good! Connectivity is not so great, all connections on the backside is not handy. The card slot is limited and no disk drive. But who needs a disk drive anyway as most software comes by download. But you can't watch a blue ray movie on this machine.

Software: Mac OS X Mountain Lion so far hasn't let me down. No crashes, smooth operations. But my Windows 7 doesn't crash either. The included software is a bummer. It has the looks and feel of a decade ago, its plain ugly and way too simple. So I installed software like Chrome, VLC, Microsoft Office, Paint X, Skype, Spotify, Teamviewer, Silverlight, Mackintosh Explorer, Sketchup.
Installing is easy but very different than on Windows. The Mac finder works the same as Windows explorer. Everybody knows where to store documents, music or video's.

ConclusionThe Mac could become easily my zen machine for dayly use like internet and mail. My Windows machine stands by for all difficult tasks and experiments.


Aug 20, 2013
how apple works???????? it steals ideas from other companies, changes the concept, a little of the design and then puts it out in the market......afterwards they sue the company that they stole their idea from FOR STEALING APPLE'S IDEA. So they never really invented anything.


Oct 1, 2012
I've used both Mac and PC, and each time I have to do something on a friend's Macbook, iPad, iPhone, what have you, I just want to throw the device because of the TOO-user-friendly interface that confuses my microsoft-mapped brain.

The Apple price points and limited user-serviceability are mostly what turn me off of the brand in general though. BUT, with that being said, I would be hard-pressed to buy a prebuilt PC for almost the same reason.

I like being able to build, upgrade, and service my own PC at a fraction of the cost of what I would pay for a comparable Mac, and personally, I just like the Windows or Ubuntu OS's better, navigation-wise (barring Win8).

I agree with the majority of the OP's statements, and I'm glad he/she backed them with a few facts (i.e. Foxconn)
Apple is a business, though, and they cater to the end, end, end user who is into the sexy design and doesn't mind paying a premium or taking a trip to the store when the machine needs a fix. Their business model seems to be working, and their marketing is successful with it's message to be a consumer and CONSUME, so I give them a nod for that, but I personally have no use for their products.


Jan 31, 2014
Firstly, let me say that I haven't used an Apple computer since the 80s. I had an Apple II, and a Macintosh. I left that for the Commodore Amiga, which I loved. And, then moved to IBM compatibles as the Amiga faded away (Commodore is back now, however), and have been using them since. I've worked on computers all my life; both hardware and software.

As I've researched Apple computers, I find that they are not hands-down the best computer; especially for the money. Having software and hardware developed by the same company can be advantageous. Also, the battery life is good. But, nothing is dramatically better.

I have a friend who just recently bought a MBP. He's rather smug about owning one. From what I can tell, he thinks having one makes him some kind of computer expert. He's really just an ordinary user. When I asked him what was so great about it, he pointed out extrinsic features like the battery life, retina display, the light weight. Nothing you couldn't find in an Ultra Book for around 1/2 the price. He has yet to tell me anything great about the hardware, or the OS. When I point out the smaller pool of available software for the MBP, all of a sudden that is a feature. Perhaps someone should write Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and tell them that if they had fewer flavors, their ice cream would be better. Also, I've noticed when you criticize an Apple owner's purchase(s), they're very touchy about it.

I don't really have a dog in the OS fight. All OSs are mature now, and suitable for the average person's tasks. They are far more user friendly than OSs of the past, and do well an insulating the more advanced features from the average user.

Personally, I have my own ideas on what an OS should and shouldn't be. I refuse to upgrade to Windows 8. I don't know what MS was thinking. If Windows 9 doesn't go back to a desktop OS, I'm switching to Linux. I'm currently using Windows 7, and like it more than any OSs I've used; past or present.

So, let me say that I don't hate Apple, I just haven't found a good reason to own one. Having less really isn't more. Paying more doesn't make something better. And paying less for something that does the same is sensible.


Feb 5, 2014
Many people used macs in the broadcast industry because of Final Cut Pro 7, which you simply couldn't get on a PC. Now it is starting to shift over to PCs as final cut is becoming outdated, and companies like Avid and Adobe are catching up. But people are still finding Apple products work better for them as they don't feel the need to switch. I personally don't mind which OS i'm using, they both have things which annoy me, and things which I like
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