Not sure what to do to fix pc

Jul 18, 2019
So I am an avid gamer and have some issues with my pc just not working sometimes. Basically the first issue is that when I boot up my pc, once every five times or so, it freezes on the intel logo instead of continuing the boot up sequence as normal. The only solution to that problem is to hard reboot my pc. Not sure if that’s related to my main issue but felt it was worth mentioning. The second and most prevalent issue is that, on certain games, such as sekiro or overwatch, I can only play them for five minutes max if I’m lucky before my monitor goes black. I can still hear the game in the background for a second, but then it just goes silent. I’ve also had my pc shut down entirely and reboot once. It seems like the issue has gotten worse over time. I used to be able to play overwatch at the highest settings for an unlimited amount of time. Then after this issue started I changed my settings to medium and seemed to be okay. Now I can’t even do that. Is this all just a graphics card issue? And if it is can I fix it with a new one? If I do get a new one do I have to change and upgrade more parts in my pc so it can even support the card? I’m just not really sure what to do.
Download HWINFO, and post:
Cpu and cpu cooler
motherboard make and model
ram(speed/capacity/#of sticks)
Ssds or hdds
graphics card(s)
power supply make and model(you're going to have to look for this one, HWINFO won't have that info - check the manual(if available), or open your case up and look for the label which will be printed on one of the sides - please power down the pc and unplug the psu if you have to move it.)