Nvidia GTX 1080, 1070 Display Port Incompatible With Vive HMD

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Jul 10, 2016
It's more of a curiosity question, specifically display port 1.4. I don't own an RX 480. I'm aware of the work arounds for the 1080/1070 cards. I have not seen any reports from users in various internet forums about RX 480 display port 1.4 having an issue with Vive.

^That from a guy who told me last week that my GTX 970s were 'problematic' because of the 3.5GB direct access VRAM "issue" while not even owning one himself. Especially when 1) I post a link to VRAM use of games, 2) the 970 has been one of Nvidia's best selling GPUs of all time (and there's a reason for that), and 3) you make a snarky comment like this:

"This isn't about you, it's about what was/is advertised with the card. IF it doesn't bothers *you*, it does not mean it is *not* an issue. Let me rephrase your argument and do a caricature of it: "I have my 970s running perfectly fine in SLI pushing Quake 3 at 640x480 with zero issues". http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/id-3105205/amd-radeon-480-8gb-review/page-5.html

Maybe you should listen to your own advice.

Why is stating that, as a fact, "trolling" in your opinion? o_O

I'd really like to know.

Because it's NOT. Toms and other tech sites ran tests and concluded one has to REALLY WORK at it to make that issue appear. Like I said...a largely overblown issue. Below is a link to one of the conclusions:

"The question is, is Nvidia doing something wrong by selling a GPU with a 3.5GB frame buffer out of 4GB usable (as the term “usable” is commonly understood)? For the vast majority of users and scenarios, no — what matters is useful RAM and overall performance, and the GTX 970 clearly delivers on that front."


^^And the most popular GPU for Steam members is the ....wait for it...... GTX 970.

Finally, as I stated before, anyone who does not own the GPU has no credibility in the matter. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. The vast majority of 970 owners never even knew there was a problem until it was reported (and yes, I was in that vast majority of users).

I would have never challenged or mocked someone that their brand new pre-driver-fixed 480 essentially sucks because it can destroy their motherboard even though like above, the vast majority of users would not see that as an issue. I see no difference in mentalities there at all. Finally, back to the 970 being a "problem" card, I'll just let its 2015 sales number speak for itself.


So... In your mind "if it doesn't happen, it's not a real issue"?

Go try and sell that to the majority of happy 970 customers. Again again, if you don't own the card, which you clearly do not, your comment is irrelevant and null and void.


Ok, you do believe it.

I'll stop here.

channel VR

Jul 13, 2016
I can understand that when you bring out a brand new card that there will be problems...but with this i'm really wondering if they even did there homework... meaning they put VR ready on the box did anyone at Nvidia take a vive out of the box and connect it to there brand new card ?? Nope because then they would have had the same problem i'm having right now...trying to get my 800 euro card to work with my 800 euro vive DUH!!
If you read this Nvidia ... please send me youre next card to try out before you launch it ...dont wurry i will send it back !

You are so funny.
It does not work in a very specific scenario. there are at least 2 workarounds. So basically there is no REA:L issue.



Workarounds do not = "no REA:L issue" If there was no real issue then you would not need to use a workaround.. I am hoping this issue can be fixed with a firmware upgrade, and or driver updates.

They promised to release a fix this week.

I do not call this "The Issue", it's a minor issue or annoyance with easy workarounds.
It does not prevent you from fully using the product and does no harm to your HW.

Unless you have a crappy motherboard and/or power supply.

It's not about AMD overdraw, It's about nvidia and display port-vive compatibility

Sorry, your right I lost track, lol

By the way never had an issue with the 3.5 + .5 with my 970, oops probably wrong thread again ;^D.
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