Sep 4, 2011
The new nvidia GPU's are reported to be coming out during Q1 of next year so... though luck. From the looks of it you probably want to play skyrim, word is a 570 gtx could potentially run it maxed. You might also check the 6950 2gb in crossfire configuration (this one rocks ^_^! )


Sep 26, 2008
It'll launch in Q1 2012. Knowing Nvidia it'll probably be a very expensive power hog. New AMD cards will launch at the end of 2011 and their HD 7970 or 7950 can probably max out any game that exists or will be released in 2012. So why waste money and power (which is also wasting money)? Unless you're running Linux on your PC, in that case go with Nvidia.
The new nvidia and amd cards will be based on 28nm manufacturing process.
They are twice as dense as current chips.
This added density gives advantages that will appear in several forms.
1) Reduced power consumption.
2) More spaced used for processing threads.
3) Lower cost because of more chips per wafer.

Those factors will come in some form iof balance.
The top cards will be higher performing, less power hungry, and will sell at what the traffic will bear, at least initially.