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  1. NeKoconut

    Question Xonar AE Soundcard drivers gone wrong

    This has been a 6 month saga of fighting my soundcard to get it back to its original glory. If you have even a slight idea of what is going on, I am desperate for help. My soundcard is not showing up in Windows. It used to work totally fine, until about 6 months ago where upon rebooting my...
  2. K

    [SOLVED] Top PCIe slot not working with 3700X ?

    I picked up parts for 2 builds recently (not gpus) so have some extra hardware to test with. I got a ryzen 7 3700x and 2 asus tuf motherboards (b450-pro II(probably) and x570 pro wifi). My second cpu hasn't arrived yet so I cant test that yet. The issue is that with BOTH boards, my graphics...
  3. kook

    Question What is the meaning of this yellow light inside my tower?

    What is the meaning of this yellow light inside my computer's tower? View: https://i.imgur.com/tzF3wEp.png It is blinking constantly and it's basically been there since I got the computer. It blinks slowly though. Is it maybe related to a WIFI PCIe card or something?
  4. N

    Question Z170x pci x16 and x8

    I currently am setting up a capture card into the pci x8 slot of this mobo since this mobo doesn't have pcie gen 2 slots. My question is this: Since the manual states that the x4 slot is disabled since I have an SSD installed in the m2 slot that shares bandwith and also states that when the x8...
  5. ravipabari

    Question READ speed 2400MB/s but WRITE < 500MB/s why?

    My Laptop's Model => Dell 5577 Gaming CPU = i7-7700HQ GPU = GTX 1050m Motherboard info (ss from HWiNFO64): https://ibb.co/cgcVgr5 SSD Info : https://ibb.co/zr4fNFj Yesterday I bought WD's SN550 500GB SSD which has read speed upto 2400MB/s and write speed upto 1900MB/s. But the read speed is...
  6. G

    Question Help needed with "Insufficient PCI resources" ?

    First day trying some mining with my PC, and suddenly my PC reboots to bios and displays "insufficient PCI resources". PC only boots without my GPU, when i plug my GPU in it goes straight to BIOS saying "insufficient PCI resources". I tried a lot of solutions including setting "4g decoding" to...
  7. Moth254KF

    Question A 1660 Super can fit in a B85M-DS3H-A?

    Hi, this is a odd question to ask, because the motherboard has PCIE 3.0, but... A graphics card will fit and conected correctly in this motherboard? Because the place where is the ram is so close to the PICE so I don't know for sue it will fit correclty (asking because I am upgrading my old pc)
  8. MaximuzG

    Question Can I put my GPU in second PCI-E 3.0 x16?

    Hi, i just got a new gpu (GTX 1080) and it didn't fit in the first slot, so according to my motherboard it has 2 PCI-E 3.0 x16, i was wondering if ill be fine using the second PCI slot and not lose any performance This is the motherboard im using: Asus B450-F Gaming...
  9. P

    Question Questions on MoBo (tech basics, but not "lazy beginner" ones)

    Hi guys, I did quite a serious research on motherboards and principles of their work. However, a few points are either left unclear or I just wanted to double-check them with you. Will highly appreciate your comments: Is it right, that PCIe 4.0 is not the same as PCIe x4. So 4.0 means the...
  10. G

    Question GPU not detected / PCIe x16 issues after HDMI failure

    A few days ago I was web browsing and and typing on keyboard, the GPU display signal went and hasn't been back since in the slot. I removed the HDMI cable from my GPU and connected it to the integrated graphics HDMI port, it was extremely distorted. I assumed the HDMI cable was the problem...
  11. Fuzzysweater

    Question PCI cord for old power supply to new graphics card

    I have an old (but still works well) OCZ 600MXSP power supply and am upgrading my other components. My brother is helping me, please excuse my ignorance. I need to get a PCI cord that is compatible with my power supply and the new video card. The new video card has 6 plus 8 pins. The power...
  12. LukeKG

    [SOLVED] Win10 failing to recognise GPU/PCI device after fresh install and updates

    Hi, Just did a fresh install and formatting of my PC after years of successful running. Now my 2080 Super isnt being detected by device manager in Win10. The PCI is listed under "Other Devices" and windows fails to find/update any drivers associated with this. Under "Display Adapter" it says the...
  13. foreignsanxd

    Question I need help in the installation of my new SSD(M.2)

    I just bought a m.2 SSD via PCIe x4(Western Digital WD Blue SN550) To expand my storage, I currently have a B360M DS3H as MOBA and a GTX 1080 TI installed, due to my new ssd port its close to the GPU port its supossed to be conected under my GPU, my question is, is there enough space to...
  14. A

    [SOLVED] Usage of full length pcie x2 and x1 slots

    I have a B550 AORUS ELITE (rev. 1.0) motherboard which have 3 PCI Express x16 slots. One of them has X16 mode, second one has X2 mode and third one has x1. I know x16 is mainly used for graphic cards. I want to know what type of expansion cards or devices I can use with other full length pcie...
  15. D

    Question Can I use GTX 1060 with PSU without PCI express cable?

    Hi gentlemen, So I gave my GTX 1060 to my best buddy to upgrade his build. Problem is, his PSU doesn't has any cables at all. Just some weird SATA like connector in the back. Please see picture. https://ibb.co/0MNTmhb https://ibb.co/kqXCbns Never seen any PSU like that... It's 690W so it...
  16. Linuxx

    [SOLVED] GTX 1060 pci cable

    So I just got a GTX 1060 from a friend. I am upgrading my (awful) GT 710. It says I need a pci power cord? I didn't need one for my GT 710. This is my card:
  17. A

    Question How to view PCI-E Bandwidth

    I am hoping to upgrade to a new 3000 series nvidia card in a couple weeks after they are hopefully announced. I am running a 4k Ultrawide monitor and a second 4k monitor on my pc. I use the ultrawide for gaming but in newer titles it struggles. I was hoping to look view my PCI e or even just my...
  18. D

    [SOLVED] ASUS BIOS display adapter settings

    Sorry, entered wrong email on other post. After days of unsuccessfully installing my GPU, I narrowed down the problem to the default graphics output settings in BIOS. Every time I switch it from auto to PCIE, then save and exit, the settings go back to default and my PC is unable to recognize my...
  19. nate10460

    Question PCI-E wifi doesn't work?

    I installed a TP-Link AX3000 PCI-E wifi/bluetooth card into a new build, on a MSI H310M pro motherboard. I did all the instructions, installed the drivers that came with the CD, restarted, and wifi still isn't enabled. Nothing shows up when i try to connect to a network, it just says theres no...
  20. I

    [SOLVED] New Motherboard for GPU?

    I want to get an RTX 2080 or 2080Ti and my current GPU is a GTX1080. I dont know too much about the way the GPU is connected to the motherboard but currently my motherboard is connected to my GPU over a x8 PCI-Express (Im not sure if I said that right). The Link width is x8 and the PCI Version...