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  1. K

    Question New GPU won't connect with my mobo

    I got the new AMD Radeon 5700 (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07T81CGFY/?tag=pcpapi-20 ) and tried to install the hardware to my PCI slot on my micro-atx Gigabyte mobo (https://www.superbiiz.com/detail.php?name=MB-H110M-A&show=p ) but it won't work. The GPU is getting power because I plugged it into...
  2. Z

    Question PCI adapter not recognized by windows 10

    Hello everyone, I recently dug out a PCI network adapter from my old hardware stache and wondered if I can get it working again in my retro high end system. The card is a Microsoft MN-730. However when I install the card, the system doesn't seem to recognize it, and the activity light on the...
  3. N

    Question can pcie x1 card be installed on pci slot?

    the title says it all hahah
  4. Tibone101

    Question GPU works in PCIex4 but not PCIex16?

    Hi! MOBO: GIGABYTE GA-970A-DS3P GPU: Asus Nvidia GTX 1050 I have this strange problem, my system works fine when my GPU is in the PCIex4 slot but when I try it in the PCIex16 slot my computer starts up and all, but i cant get a signal from my GPU, I haven’t touched any settings in the BIOS...
  5. oneGamerE

    Question 240Vac electric system for a 115V-230V power supply?

    Well, I just bought a Raidmax ss530 willing to connect a GTX560 for the next months. CNET Specs - https://www.cnet.com/products/raidmax-hybrid-series-rx-530ss-power-supply-530-watt/ 1. My contry's eletric system is 240V with 50-60Hz of freuency, as well as my energy cable that goes to the psu...
  6. F

    Question pci connector GPU

    i want to know if i can use my gtx 960 2gb without 6 pin pci connector until i buy a new PSU bcs mind does not have the 6 pin, can i use it without it for now?
  7. T

    Question GPU is working but screen is black and freeze

    Suddenly screen became black. I shut down pc and it still the same. I thought it is about Windows(?). I scanned disk and format. I opened in safe mood. I removed the rams, reset the bios but it didn’t help. I thought it is hardware and i attached the video card to second PCI slot. It opened...
  8. I

    Question I purchased a gpu for my build finally, the included PCI-E cable with my power supply doesnt fit the gpu. What cord do I buy?

    I've been running without a gpu in my system now for a while. My power supply is https://www.newegg.com/rosewill-hive-series-hive-750s-750w/p/N82E16817182133?Description=rosewill%20750&cm_re=rosewill_750-_-17-182-133-_-Product While the gpu I purchased is...
  9. Latios

    Question ASUS ROG RAMPAGE VI Extreme PCI running in x8 only

    ok so i have done as much research as i could into this issue yet there is no direct answer to a problem similar to mine. just tons of people saying "me too" either that or i somehow kept missing the answers or threads with solutions, i spent hours researching this..... long story short, i have...
  10. B

    Question Brand new sound card won’t show up in device manager

    I just bought a new sound card because I thought my old one “died”. Since I like the old one so much I bought the same exact one and when I get it I plugged it in yet nothing happens and it doesn’t show up in device manager. So I play around with it restarting the computer, playing with drivers...
  11. S

    Question PCI Passthrough a dedicated GPU, use iGPU for host

    Hi guys! I have an old pc which is used as my home server running Ubuntu 18.04. I would like to take advantage of PCI Passthrough to assign my dedicated 9400GT to a guest OS and use my integrated GPU on the host OS. Now, I have been trying for weeks without any positive result. First, it’s an...
  12. J


    This problem first occurred after cleaning the GPU and reapplying thermal paste (did the line method). I installed my gpu on the pcie slot and installed it fine and proper. I plugged in the pcie plugs from the power supply to my GTX 970 evga ssc. I booted up windows and went to the desktop. The...
  13. raunak62

    Question Is PCI-E x16 port damaged?

    With GPU connected, after turning on the PC, no beep sound comes. Probably POST test failure. As a result, no display on monitor (but GPU fan was spinning). Next, I removed the GPU and connected the DVI cable to the motherboard port. After turning on the system, PC boots normally and display...
  14. R

    Question My graphic card isn't recognized by the system anymore

    A week ago, I bought a new graphic card. A Radeon rx570. I exchanged it, installed drivers and everythink was working fine. But since yesterday it no longer gets recognized . When I try to update drivers, it says that there is no graphic card. I looked in the device Manager, but nothing. I...
  15. F

    Question Hiding an ugly PCi card

    I recently bought -finally- a PCI wi-fi card for my PC. I wouldn't normally care about how it looks.. But, since I have a window side panel, it looks really not good. I have a red case, black/red mobo, black/red GPU.. And a blue wifi card. Is there any way to cover it? Get a shroud or a heatsink...
  16. D

    Question CPU or GPU issue?

    i9 9900k // RTX 2080 // Rogstrix-e gaming mobo, 32gb ram, 1tb m.2 Brother has amd equiv cpu to an i7 and rtx 2070 and performs better in division 2, same settings (Vsync off) my frames hover 50-75, but averages 53-60, he says he's never fell below 60 frames.. How can I find out what the issue...
  17. D

    Question Should I upgrade?

    Hey guys, Since. I bought a high refresh monitor I started to have sick hunger for more fps in games. My current pc specs: i5 8400 Gtx 1070 16gb ram psu cx600 I have been thinking slot about upgrading No specific reason except having smoother frames,less stuttering mabe in pubg 100+ frames...
  18. K

    Question Computer not posting

    I've had my computer for a little over a year. It's brand new and I built it myself. It's been preforming fine expect that when I would be unplugged or when the power supply would be shut off, the computer would be stuck in a boot loop. In that case, I would just keep turning it on and off until...
  19. E

    [SOLVED] Cannot enter bios at all

    Hey guys. I'm having trouble getting into my bios. I Have looked through almost all threads about getting into the bios, but sadly I cannot get any of them to work. I have tried hitting del, f12, changing keyboards (have not used a ps 2), even doing shift restart and going to advanced options...
  20. F

    Question Pentium j4205 and 1080p 50-60 Hz Issue

    Hello, can anyone please help me out? Recently, I have purchased a mini-pc Beelink j45 with Pentium j4205 CPU (Integrated GPU is intel HD 505), 8GB ram and Windows 10. The device works absolutely fine when connected to my cheap no-name LCD TV 1080p, even though it automatically jumps to 30 Hz...