Odd monitor problem


May 22, 2002
Not really a problem where I suspect a solution, but I'm interested in what component of a failing monitor would cause these symptoms.

The monitor is sometimes *extremely* sensitive to vibration. For example, lightly rapping my knuckles on my computer desk or lightly setting down a cup will cause the monitor to kick into standby mode. Turning it off and back on will bring back the picture randomly. Sometimes it works on the first try, sometimes it takes 10. Once it does come alive again, sometimes the vibration of the *click* after degauz is enough to kick it back into standby again. At other times, it comes back working perfectly and I could shake my whole desk without problems.

At other times, like now for instance, the monitor will work perfectly well for hours at a time. I can't blame this on any type of heat problem. The room is about 72 degrees, the monitor is well ventilated, and the problem appears to be just about as common when the monitor is first powered on as when it has been on for several hours.

I have checked all connections to the monitor, and have taken my comp case off my desk so that I could determine that it did not contain the component with the vibration sensitivity.

Now, the monitor is about 4 years old, so I accept the fact that it is time to replace it. I'm just curious about the process of its demise. Can anyone explain this?


Apr 22, 2002
I had a similar problem with my Old monitor. Sometimes the slightest vibration would send it packing, or cause it to wink out temproarily. Eventually it would degauss at random and sometimes several times in succession. My dad thought it was a transformer switch or something along those lines. I haven't had it repaired yet. It was 5 years old so I knew it was probably dead. If I do get it repaired I will let you know what the tech said. My solution was to go out and buy a bigger monitor :)