Old maxtor vs new WD caviar,PLS enlighten me ???


Sep 18, 2011
So would the WD caviar blue (320 gb SATA III,16 mb of cache) perform better(transfer rate,general system and gaming performance) than the Maxtor diamondmax(80 gb SATA,2 mb of cache) ???
PLS enlighthen me,would be hugely appreciated....:D
Any newer drive will perform better than a significantly older drive.

The best way to compare, short of finding a benchmark article that contains both drives (highly unlikely) is to go to the manufacturer's site for each drive and find the specs (I'd do it but would need more specific model information). In a very simplified view, faster seek speeds would be my first priority, followed by sustained transfer rates.

As to gaming performance: More responsive drives will reduce game-loading and level-loading times, but will generally have no effect on frames-per-second unless you are upgrading from a really, really crappy drive.
well... Maxtor died back in the days of when HDDs could only push out ~40MB/s. Your average modern HDD can do ~120MB/s without a problem. So yes, expect ~3x increase in load times and file transfers.

This will not affect gaming performance, only load times and file transfer speeds. If you want to increase game performance you need to up your CPU, RAM, and GPU. If your computer comes with a maxtor HDD then I can guarantee you that your computer is outdated. I work at a computer refurbishing company where we put computers together for underprivlidged families/individuals, and while we are pretty cheap, we would never be so cruel as to use a computer as old as yours... which should tell you that it is time to upgrade :)

If gaming I would suggest a minimum of a Pentium D, and preferably a Core2Quad or newer. Such systems can be found online for well under $100 today (~$75), and will just need a fresh copy of win7 ($100), and a decent GPU ($100), just make sure that it has a minimum of 4GB of RAM (~$25 upgrade) and you will have a decent (all be it not impressive) $300 game rig.