Question Old twin Xeon OEM workstation overclocking Ultra Budget gaming Desktop

Nov 24, 2019
Hi all,

I have been working on an Ultra Budget Gaming system project.


Two 2.5Ghz Xeon E5420s (8 cores total)
2gb MSI R7850 OC Edition Graphics Card (overclocked)
16gb DDR2 RAM
HPxw6600 Workstation (customised)
Barracuda 500gb 7200 rpm HDD
650W Delta PSU
Windows 10 Pro

The system is very old but performs impressively and can reach 60fps with maxed out graphics settings on titles like War Thunder and World of Tanks at 1080p.
While none of the original OEM cooling of the workstation has been replaced, the graphics card handles brilliantly and stays at 45° while gaming and goes no higher than 50°, even after being overclocked to 1.3Mhz. I use a programme to adapt the fan speed of the system while gaming so that the twin Xeons don't exceed 45° and RAM stays below 60° most of the time.

This being said, I am looking to overclock the Xeons and have tried extensively with no success. My BIOS does not allow me to change clock speed and there are no programmes like INTEL Extreme Overclocking utility to help me do this. I get the impression that I can overclock my CPUs by finding my Motherboard PPL so I can enter a clock generator or multiplier into a generic programme manually. However after having physically scrutinised the motherboard in likely areas, I had no such success. The Motherboard model is 0A9Ch but I don't even know who manufactured it (HP doesn't make their own Motherboards.) I also considered installing a generic OC Bios but that's risky and I don't have the knowledge to pick the right one.

This guy seems to have had some success overclocking the Xeon but unlike him, I don't have the motherboard LLP.

So, I posted this to ask for some help in getting the two Xeons overclocked and would be grateful for some advice and expertise.



At first I thought you might be able to BSEL mod these, but it's already running with an FSB of 133MHz. I don't remember if there was a stop at 166MHz, a jump from 133 to 200MHz is probably too much. Without a board change with more options you are probably done OCing those CPUs. A different board with more options would help, but of course I don't suggest pouring more money into such a system.


I thought you didn't have any of those options? You can try it if you do, but I don't see it making much difference.
What you are doing is fun to play around with and learn, but it's such old tech that anything current would probably bet it. An AMD 1600 with a 750TI would probably even out perform it. Play with it, learn anything if you can. But to be honest it's so old and power hungry that it isn't worth spending any money on or anything like that.