Older Style ddr3 With Asus p6t Deluxe Board


Aug 4, 2009
Hey guys, I bought the ocz ddr3 ram rated at 1600 mhz @ 1.9 volts. As you know with our boards it warns us to not go above 1.65. Anyone ramp up the volts to 1.9 or something similar to run the their ram at their advertised speeds? Anything I should watch out for? I'm pretty new to this. I heard something about keeping within .5 of the qpi voltages? Thanks

i7 920 D0
asus p6t deluxe v 2
ocz platinum 1600 mhz ram 12 gb 6 chips
gtx 295
antec 1000w ps


Jun 4, 2006
You might try undervolting the RAM, but I would not run it at 1.9v. You can probably run RAM a bit over 1.65v, but keep in mind that the big danger is not to your RAM, but the processor. The 1.65v limit was set by Intel to avoid damaging the processor.

If I were in your situation, I would bite the bullet and get a low voltage set.
Don't run it at 1.9V - you could damage the CPU. You can run the memory just fine, but you'll probably have to underclock it. I'd try to keep it at 1.65 or less if at all possible - you'll probably be running at 1066 or 1333.