Discussion On-Demand Wifi Router ?


Apr 29, 2014
I expect to be learned that I have nothing to worry about. Okay, I hear you and in another 20 years we'll have conclusive proof one way or another. BUT, suppose I would like to minimize the electrosmog in my house, specifically my always-on router broadcasting on the 2.4 and 5 GHz n-bands to serve my (only) four wifi devices. My other dozen or so devices are ethernet-based. I know (esp. in Europe) there are on-demand baby monitors so mother and baby aren't sleeping next to always-on wifi routers every night. Is there any similar technology out there for a router that listens (receives) for devices requesting it, but only transmits upon demand? If not, would turning off SSID broadcasting lessen the transmit activity of a standard router? I have dialed down the power output of the router and situated it in the best location, but I'd like to have it available 24/7 (no hard-scheduled off periods) yet broadcast-free when not being accessed for data by any of my devices. That's the case probably 16 hours a day, but not the same 16 hours a day.


Nov 5, 2013
Most of high-end baby monitors are always connected to wi-fi, while you have a phone app and 'on-demand' only means that you can close your phone application and only use it when needed instead of constant monitoring. Monitoring device near the baby is always connected to wifi still.

Baby monitors that work like walkie talkie are whole other thing.

Turning off SSID broadcasting does nothing except hiding your network so that people don't see it's name when they are looking for a network to connect.

Probably the best you can is to get a router with beamforming which decreases signal coverage but narrows the focus of that router signal, sending it directly to your devices in a straight line