[SOLVED] Overclocking CPU & RAM safely with X470 Pro

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It's a trap!
Future proof? Lol... no reason I guess. The RGB on these sticks are pretty cool.
Waste of money. Most games run fine on 8gb these days, when 16gb becomes the minimum then maybe. At that point you'll probably be on your next build.

Hey I got a question.... I did the auto configure thing to see if the timings would come out the same, but never actually applied it. the DOCP had one of the 16 set to 18. But I ran my test with what you told me at 1.35 with no issues, so I left it at 16 like you originally told me. It passed many pass throughs
It changes the Trcdrd to 18, should I redo it and stress that?
Wouldn't I want the Trcdrd and Trcdwr to be the same exact number in most cases? Read and write?
If it works and passes how we have it set don't mess with it. 18 is slower. Its stable at 16. Leave it alone.


There are FEW settings when it comes to memory that higher means faster or lower latency. Very few. Almost all of the ones that matter especially for the primary and secondary settings are generally improved with lower settings.

I'd recommend that you read this before doing anything else to your memory settings, even if you don't make any further changes at all. And I'd leave everything on auto configuration other than what RL specified to set earlier, at least until later down the road once you have a better understanding. I spent MANY hours talking with some of our HIGHLY experienced moderators who are in fact engineers, some of whom are at the level of actually designing memory architectures, others whom simply have more time invested in working with memory than some folks here have been alive, plus days on end of reading, testing, etc. with advanced memory configurations and overclocking and at the end of some very frustrating weeks of tightening timings and overclocking the frequency I honestly didn't see enough improvement by doing so to make it worth really bothering with anything past the advertised profile speed and timings. Fun, but a waste of time really other than as pastime and just to know WTF you're doing.

*Resolving memory problems and setting up XMP/DOCP/AMP profiles