overclocking problems please HELP?!?!?!?!?!?!



Please can someone help me to overclock my q6600? I have read tha it is possible to get 3.4Ghz just on air cooling alone? Is this true? If so, i need help on the know-how as i can get upto 2.871Ghz and that seems to be the limit? I have an ASUS P5k Deluxe, OCZ 800mhz RAM, 8800GTS 512mb and i bought another heatsink and fan recommended to me for great overclocking potential. I have fiddled with the mobo settings but i'm not so upto date with all the new settings available to me.

i have tried to overclock more than 1280 fsb but it wont get past boot screen? please help i dont understand what is happening and i have to reset cmos.is my motherboard crap or something its a p5k sli plus asus. i underclocked the ram so that the ratio was correct and set the timing to 4-4-4-12 t2? please help


Nov 19, 2006
Are you upping the Cpu voltage? See where 1.4 vcore gets you and back voltage down until stable. I would be more helpful but this keyboard is shorted and a pain to type on.
you should first try to find the top FSB you can hit. Lower CPU multi, lower RAM clock and leave timings to AUTO. Find the highest FSB you can boot. Then, still leaving the RAM at low clock, raise CPU clock. If needed, increase VCORE till you can boot and test at a reasonable speed. Finally, set the RAM clock.


Aug 13, 2007
There are 2 versions of the Q6600

SL9UM Q6600 B3 Stepping 2.4Ghz
SLACR Q6600 GO Stepping 2.4Ghz

The first one does not overclock very well.
The second is the one you want for overclock.

With the stock HSF you wont get much past 3.0Ghz even with the GO

Do you know which one you have?
Get CPUZ to find out.


it say's 'stepping B' and 'revision GO' so i'm confused as to what to do?it's strange? the temps arent too hot cos i physically felt the heatsink and NB and SB and the RAM is cold? what could be doing this?