Overclocking Q9400 for first time


Apr 14, 2009
I have a q9400 cpu and which comes stock at 2.66ghz and I would like to get it up to 3.5ghz. I am wondering how much I know to raise the voltage as I raise the frequency. I know I could do the trial and error method but a few tips would be helpful since this is my first time tweaking anything in the bios. Any suggestions are very helpful. I also have a Gigabyte x48 DS5 mobo.


Nov 17, 2008
I let the motherboard do its thing when I OC'd mine.
Right now I'm running mine at 3.4GHz. My bus is at 425, cpuz says the core voltage is 1.232.

Be sure you have a good cooler before you start overclocking.
To reach 3.5GHz you will need your bus to run 437 and your ram to run at 874, so be sure your ram is up to it.

My Q9400 actually ran at 3.76 with temps staying under 50, but I didn't do extensive stress testing at that speed and I don't remember what the mobo set the voltage at. I didn't want to live dangerously so I lowered it back to 3.4.