Dec 23, 2012
I am an IT student in uni and i like experimenting with technology.

I understand that 2 modems could be connected to form a network and they communicate bits with sound. I have set up and configured some networks but i understand Ethernet is limited to 100 meters.

Can i use 2 domestic ADSL2 routers to form a WAN or do i need special equipment. And if so can i tie several of them together as a sort of hub network? I understand that being digital they work differently to basic modems.

I wanted to ask first before i go and buy a bunch of old cheap ones to play with. If not as well would you tell me what i would need assuming you can get it cheap on ebay ^_^".


Sep 29, 2012
Nope ADSL connects to a box called a dslam. No cheap consumer modem has the ability to run that way.

Just use ethernet and ignore the distance issue. A modem is transparent your configurations for cable or adsl or fiber are exactly the same. You need to treat a modem purely as a media converter.