P5q pro mobo insufficient or drivers???


Jun 5, 2009
I have an asus p5q pro mobo and an ati sapphire 4850 gpu.The problem is that these cards together have never run(especially in 3d applications) propperly...I have already changed 3-4 operational systems both 64 and 32 bit(recently windows7), I have bought new psu(pretty higher than i need),i have changed rams,i don't know what i haven't try...
The f..g message even I do the simplest 3d test, is the same."Display driver stopped responded an has succesfully recovered"
Recently I borrowed 2 gpus(both of them nvidia) and the message was the correspondig for nvidia cards.The same..I couldn't run any 3d application.I have to tell that my gpu ran perfectly in another machine with another mobo..

I am asking you if anyone has an idea before I change the latest part of the system which finally seems to have the problem, motherboard..IS IT ANY CASE TO BE DRIVERS ISSUE???
And if that how is that possible ,since every time i used a new gpu i did driver sweeper clean and etc..

Thank you very much!!


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