Palit gtx 570 sonic platinum???


Jul 27, 2010
hello... i have a palit gtx 570 sonic platinum coming in by next month... is there anyone who own this card?? because i want to know if there is any problem associate with that card... or how good it is.... and i'm currently using gtx 460 1gb oc from gigabyte.... would this be a good upgrade??


Aug 9, 2009

I have (2) palit geForce GTX570 Sonic platinum Viddy cards set SLi on a EVGA 780i (first version) A1 board with 8 gig 1066 memory underclocked at 1000 instead of 1066 (full load of 8 gig is supposed to be 800 memory) I do however use the EVGA Precision X to keep the temperature completely displayed and under full control as well as the memory clock and GPU clock exactly to factory default (800 and 2000) The processor is an Intel Q9650 1333 FSB 3.0 gig , the sound is from a SoundBlaster X-Fi Elite pro Sound system configgured to 5.1 surround sound . An Antec 1200 Power supply and all put into an Antec Full Tower 1200 series with 6 120 mm fans (3 front , 2 rear , 1 in clear side cover ) and 1 200 mm top fan all set to high speed. Both of these cards have outstanding Graphics and performance in every game I have running from Quake 1 up to Crysis , crysis warhead , and crysis 2 with the HD textures installed and of course the DX11 package installed as well , with everything in the nVidia Control panel set to maximum quality and in the game everything is comfortably set to "ULTRA" the game runs at about 54 FPS (average) with no lags breakdowns or tearing . The card temperature is about 78 degrees Celcius at its highest .I manually have set the colling fans to 100% for crysis 2 and dropped the temperature to about 63 degrees. So far i am tickled pink with the way these cards run .I replaced a EVGA GeForce GTX295 (stock) with the 2 palit cards . remember the EVGA GTX295 is actually SLi out of the box 2 cards in one , with 1786 total DDR3 memory split by 2 to 894 meg per card side . I went with the palit upgrade because i simply wanted DX11 ,
Enjoy the palit GTX570 Sonic Platinums