Question Pc Black Screens and reboots after i load up a game.

Oct 20, 2021
Psu: Unknown and several years old/has worked fine up until this point?, ordered a new 750w modular one
Motherboard: (3 years old) Msi Z370-a Pro Chipset 1151
Cpu: (3 years old) i5-8400, 6 cores up to 4.0 ghz
Gpu: (New)Msi GeForce Rtx 3060 ti
Memory: (all 3 years old) Corsair vengeance 2 x 16gb ddr4 / Patriot Signature Line 2x8 gb sticks ddr4
Storage: (3 years old) 1 tb seagate harddrive and 1 new 4tb seagate barracuda hardrive

About a week ago I bought the new graphics card and installed it, I got the most recent game drivers, started a game and my Screen went to black and my pc rebooted. I proceeded to update my BIOS thinking that was the problem to no avail but the same issue occurring. I have tested it on a low res game like Age of Mythologyand this still happens. What am I doing wrong?


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