Question PC boots, but no display after installing new ram

Jun 6, 2020
My Specs are:

CPU: i5 6500
GPU: Gtx 1070 SC
Power Supply: Corsair CX-500
Ram: TridenZ RGB series 16 GB
Mother Board: Gigabyte H170-D3HP

I've been having an issue after installing my 2 8gb sticks of ram. My pc boots on, then shuts off and then turns back on again and stays on. It doesn't display anything and my mouse + keyboard and anything else I plug in don't work.

I replaced a Hyperx 1 8gb DDR4 stick of ram with 2 16 gbs of TridenZ RGB DDR4 series ram.

When I take the new ram out and put in the old hyperX Fury stick everything works normally and my pc displays. So I know it's in issue with the new Ram.

The weird part was that my PC did boot up after some attempts with the new 16 gb of ram and I was able to test it with games until about an hour through it crashed and went back to turning on, but with no display.

Any advice and help is appreciated thanks.