Question PC case fan stopped working

Jun 18, 2022

Yesterday I had to restart the PC a couple of times and noted a couple of changes once I turned it on today:

  • The PC case fan stopped working, it's directly connected to the PSU.
  • The "P" LED next to the power button (see the attached photo) stopped flashing, it used to be constantly on before.
  • The front LED of the case changed to yellow (used to be blue before) which I don't think it's a coincidence.
Everything else seems to be working fine, I would ignore it if it wasn't for the case fan as I play lots of games and I don't want the PC to overheat. I tried connecting the fan to another PSU connector and it still not working. What do you think? Can the PSU become faulty for restarting a couple of times? The PC case is a Hannever one btw. Thanks!