PC case modding help!


May 29, 2009
ugh, i've been currently modding my pc case through the current days by painting but it a gears of war theme. i need to know what paper i need though. you see i want to print out my gears of war images and stick theme on my pc case. i did get some sticky paper stuff from a arts and crafts place, but it is transparent and therefore the images are really fient. so i'm asking you, where can i find some printable sticky back plastic stuff?

also i want to replace the LED from blue to Red. i bought some LEDs but there no where near powerful enough to work. i need the light to shine down an archyrlc plastic. i have a Jeantech Aqua case or the Raidmax smilidon, if your more familiar with that. notice the led accents on the front. thats what i want to change.

Thank for any and all advise. file:///I:/DCIM/101DSCIM/PICT0443.JPG