Question PC deadlocks only while gaming


Jan 15, 2019
Hi i recently started getting deadlocks that only happen when im gaming. When im browsing google or even stress testing my components it doesnt freeze. My keyboard and mouse stop working even LEDs on them and i have to restart holding the power button.

The only games that doesnt cause freezing are csgo, jedi fallen order, battlefield 5 and war thunder(all maxed settings). Games that cause crashing are r6 siege(for some reason crashes only during ranked matches?), forza horizon 5(deadlocks when loading into the game), sons of the forest, spiderman remastered, god of war.

Ive tried reinstalling windows and also upgrading to windows 11 but that didnt help, i didnt do any overclocking and tried debug mode, temps are ok, reinstalled drivers ussing DDU, tried different PSU and RAM , updated BIOS, checked for disk errors, ran memtest86 with 0 errors, stress tested CPU and GPU(didnt freeze even after 5 hours of testing, furmark,occt,...).

Today my game froze but this time my pc recovered by it self and left this in the event viewer: View:

Also there is livekernelevent 193,142,117 in the security and maintenance settings

Im also providing speccy link: (i know that it shows that my 1080ti has only 3GB but its only a speccy bug)


Speccy will not show your PSU's make and model, nor it's age. Please manually add that info into the thread's body or as a followup. You've mentioned working with another PSU, please add the make and model of that unit and what it had been powering prior to your test.

In order to rule out your GPU being the culprit, drop the GPU into a known working issue free system and then see if it's reciprocated. if the same issue crops up, then you've found your common denominator.

Ive tried reinstalling windows and also upgrading to windows 11
If you upgraded to Windows 11 internally from Windows 10, you're advised to reinstall the OS after recreating the bootable USB installer for Windows 11, install in an offline mode, then manually install all drivers relevant to your platform.