Pc doesnt boot after adding a liteon drive


Mar 4, 2012
so i got my Liteon 524 DVD-DL writer this morning , and as soon as i got it , i shut the pc down (the fact that the pc was on at that time shows that none of the hardware is faulty i think )and put the drive in , then when starting the pc again , it started working for about 5 seconds then shut down again , then in 4 seconds it started on its own again then shut down , during the 5 seconds when it started , all the fans are on and everything looks as if its working all right , but the monitor doesnt get any signal at all , i then tried to clean it with a blower and checking on the cables again , then tried booting it up , it started working and then shut down again like last time , but now it stays about 12 seconds instead of 5 , i also tried to remove the battery and return it again to reset the BIOS but nothing happened , tried booting without HDD or optical drives but still nothing .....
what should i do ???!


Nov 6, 2011
Take the optical back out of the computer. Will it start then?

Also, don't just shut down a computer. Always, ALWAYS unplug the unit and then press the power button to discharge any remaining power in the system. Then ground yourself by touching the metal portion of the case before working on her innards.

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