Question PC issues after moving pc and reinstalling graphics card.


Apr 6, 2018
Hello! So I travel back and forth between school and home over the holidays and normally when I travel I will remove my graphics card (RTX 2080). Normally when I do this and reinsert the card upon arriving I have 0 issues but this last time it was different.

When it tried to boot my system originally it would power on for a second then turn right off and I fixed this by seeing power pins that were not inserted correctly into my graphics card. I finally load in and only one of my monitors was showing and at a terrible resolution which happened because it was not recognizing my graphics card even though it was inserted and plugged incorrectly.

After removing the card and putting it back in and cleaning the PCIE slot with some compressed air it booted like normal. The issue that I am running into now is all of my applications will randomly just crash such as my web browsers constantly bug splatting and causing me to reload. Or another example would be a game I play which is League of Legends and it will constantly crash which has never happened before.

My specs are
a i9-9900k OC to 5ghrz on all cores,
NZXT kraken for the cooling,
16gb of gskill trident ram,
a tb m.2,
and finally a rtx 2080.

Not sure what the issues are but any feedback would be helpful as far as the next steps!