Question Pc keeps restarting/shut down

Nov 19, 2021
I have a prebuilt IBuyPower Model BB971 model with a intel i5 9400f, about to weeks ago i took apart and dusted the unit after i did this when it turned it back on it shut down with the blue screen saying shutting down as if i went to the start menu and shut it down from there so while talking we all figured the Psu <Mod Edit> the bed but now im on my third psu and still happening but now it restarts with no blue screen I've changed the CPU fan and reseated my GPU and Ram sticks and made sure no dust was interupting anything event viewer only shows Critical unexpected shut down all wires are tight and in place so this is my last resort before i give up i don't know what could be doing this. all videos I've watched consider Psu issues but i know this is not the case.
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