Question PC No Display No Beep No USB Power only the Fan is working

Apr 8, 2021
I have this PC for a long time, i dunno why it always gacha for me. Everytime i turn off the PC and then turn off the Power Supply then i turn it on back then turn my PC it always No Display No Boot No Beep, but in first i see my mouse light is on for only 0.5 second and it seems the USB has no power, only get it when i first turn on.

Sometimes i need to wait for like 3 hours after the electric turn off, sometimes it just random, it's like gacha....
But after no display, etc when i can boot it up my computer is fine, as long as i didn't turn the power supply off or not pull up the cable my computer still fine and i can turn it off and om like usual, my RAM also still good and perfectly fine, my graphics card also still fine, it's just the Fan only working.

Is this related to my house electricity maybe?
It's just after the problem then i can turn it on, my computer is fine even i play it for like 12 hours, but the problem for me is i need to hope and lean on my luck so my computer can turn on after dead electircity or after i pull out the power cable...
Please help.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

I have this PC
We're going to need to know the specs to your entire system. Please list the specs to your build like so:

How old is the PSU in your build? I'd advise on sourcing a donor PSU from a friend or neighbor who owns a reliably built PSU to rule out your PSU from being a faulty/failing unit.

If you suspect the wall socket/wiring in your house to be faulty, relocate to another wall power outlet. You could also try and call in a certified electrician to scope out the grounding in your house.
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