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  1. S

    Question PC Stuck On Mobo Logo and Freezes

    To begin the long story of what has happened and where I am now, let's start with initial components. Motherboard#1 ASRock B450 Gaming ITX/ac Motherboard#2 ASUS ROG Strix B450-I Gaming CPU Ryzen 2600x GPU MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 TI Ventus OC Power Supply Seasonic Focus Gold...
  2. A

    Question Alienware 17: Will my laptop use integrated graphics if I remove my dedicated video card?

    Hi everyone! I have been experiencing some technical issues with my dedicated graphics card on my Alienware 17 laptop. Ever since new Windows 10 updates were automatically downloaded, my graphics card (Geforce NVIDIA GTX 880M) has stopped working. It shows on Device Manager>Display Adapters an...
  3. D

    Question Computer won't start, fan moves slightly when power button pressed

    So this morning when I tried to turn on my computer, it just wouldn't start. The case fan and the CPU fan would move very slightly, and the EZ Debug LED on the motherboard labeled 'CPU' would flash momentarily. If I pressed the power button again, nothing would happen. I would have to turn off...
  4. Akshay R.C.

    [SOLVED] Asus RX 570 No Display(SOLVED)

    Hi guys. Yesterday I bought a Asus ROG Strix RX 570 OC and was excited to play games on it but after I installed it in my mobo it won't boot. The led logo on it flashes red and the led1 is lit but led2 is off. I have connected the 2+6 pin from my power supply to it. The post beep is normal and...
  5. P

    Question Computer is not booting

    Hi, my computer is not booting up. I have a ryzen r7 1700 cpu, a 980 ti gpu, and asus a320m-k mobo. I dont know if the mobo or cpu are faulty, i just got them today. Also there is a solid orange light from the motherboard under the gpu and on the side of the mobo.
  6. Red463

    [SOLVED] PC Suddenly no display, CPU EZ debug LED(Msi)

    Hey guys, So I shut my PC down in the evening as usual, with no signs of a problem. I go to boot it up in the morning and absolutely nothing happened. I unplugged and re-plugged psu and I got power after pressing the button but no display, after pulling the side I can the the msi EZ debug CPU...
  7. S

    Question PC wont boot, graphics card not giving signal to monitor, pls help!

    I cant boot my PC at all. Yesterday it worked fine, i dont know what happened. You can see in the video what happens. I turn it on, white light blinks, Gigabyte logo flashed for a second and thats it. Even the fans stop. Theres no signal to the monitor. The monitor works, i checked on the other...
  8. V

    Question Fresh build boots somtimes random crashs

    Hello all I am a relatively new to the world of PCs. I just recently finished my build and it will only post sometimes and when it does post/boot it will run for a few hours then it will crash. by crash i mean it gives me no acces to my monitor or usbs. My build is cpu ryzen 5 2600x mb ROG...
  9. P

    Question New RAM not working

    I wanted to update my system with 8 GB ram. I already have Corsair Vengence LPX 2400 8 GB so i purchased it again. My old RAM version is 3.xx and this new RAM is 5.xx version. Problem I am facing is when I added this new RAM to computer it do not boot. I tried all possible scenario's like swap...
  10. J

    Question PC not booting, DRAM light on.

    Installed a new CPU cooler, and put PC all back together and it didn't boot afterwards. Took the cooler off and checked if pins were bent, they didn't seem to be. Tried it with only 1 RAM stick, tried it with a friends stick of RAM, none of these options worked. When the power button is pushed...
  11. F

    Question New built pc, wont boot BIOS, keeps restarting

    So ive recently brought a desktop pc from a friend who was in the proccess of building it. Ive had to add a psu and hard drive to the build to complete it. After putting it together i go to install windows onto it however it simple restarts over and over again every 10-20 seconds with no output...
  12. T

    Question Computer runs, no beeps, but input and output devices don't do anything

    Hello, community! So I've been testing these new stick of rams, and they worked perfectly until I tried overclocking. When I reset the cmos and rebooted, it worked but the ram ran at a slower speed than desired 2666 rating. I tried resetting the cmos again, but this time... everything ran...
  13. M

    Question PC wont post or boot with a new CPU Installed.

    Hello, I recently bought a Xeon x3450 for my GA H55M UD2H (rev 1,3). But it will not post or boot. If I take out my GTX 970 the pc turns on and all the phase LEDs turn on but that's it. With the GPU, the computer just turns off and on over and over. I was using an I3-540 and that works fine. My...
  14. J

    Corsair LL120s and LL140s in the Corsair Crystal 570x

    Hey, I'm currently rocking the Corsair Crystal 570x and i'm looking to replace the case standard SP120s with 3 LL120s for the front and 2 LL140s for my radiator. Does anyone know what will be required for these fans to work with the case fan controller buttons? Do they function with their...
  15. P

    Which laptop is better?

    Pls help me decide on which laptop should i buy for gaming (dota 2, LoL, cs go) and school work. i3 8130u with mx150 or i5 8250u 940mx? Asus X442UQ (I5 8th gen & 940mx) and Lenovo Ideapad 320-15IKB (I3 8th gen & 150mx)
  16. blight_89

    After installing new RAM, desktop PC attempts to boot 4 times before it succeeds

    Hello to all. I have an issue with my PC not booting properly, I'll try to describe the problem in detail, along with all the solutions I've tried thus far. If anyone could offer some further assistance, I would be very grateful. My motherboard model is H81M-R from Asus, it has two slots for...
  17. R

    Black ops 4 locked to 60hz

    I have the weirdest thing when playing black ops 4. For some reason the game locks my game to 60hz when I have both my 144hz and 2nd monitor with 60hz connected. The 144hz monitor is my primary monitor in every setting I am pretty sure. And all my games always launch on it. I have also never had...
  18. F

    Gray Screen After Windows Loading Screen

    So I was playing Rainbow Six Siege and my screen went into this beige kind of tint with a wavy style of pattern. I simply reset it and from then on I got a gray Screen after the windows icon. I've managed to start my computer up twice since then by reinstalling my drivers, but since then it can...
  19. C

    Pc black sreen and freeze while youtube

    Hello everyone, my pc is going to black screen and instant freeze, after some time of watching a videos on youtube. No errors or bsods, it happens only on youtube on all browsers, and not happens while gaming. Pc has following configuration: Mobo gigabyte x58a-ud3r CPU i7 920 non oc GPU Ati...
  20. D

    GT 220 overclocking bug

    I'm trying to overlock my GT 220 but it seems that MSI Afterburner might be bugged or is it that my GPU is locked out of overclocking? Anyway, the MSI Afterburner works fine but every time i try to change the clock on the memory or the core, it accepts the speeds and gets saved but the clocks...