Question PC Stuttering and Freezing.

Sep 5, 2020
Hi, hope your doing good.
OK so I was just logging in to my PC when I saw it stuck at Welcome screen the rotating dots were frozen. So I forced shutdown and restared and it all went fine. It was ok till here. But then very next day I saw that while boot up at the Windows logo the rotating dots didn't appear for long so I forced restared this time dots appeared but seemed to rotate in 5 FPS but PC started. Then next day I had to type something on Word. I booted up it happened normally then opened Word it started lagging the words which I typed appeared with a delay and everything was lagging like changing font and it's size, this happened for about 5 minutes then it went normal. Again next day I started playing Apex Legends (stored on D drive) just after I reached the main menu game crashed tried several times but still. I opened CSGO which too is in D drive didn't crash. I moved Apex to E drive and it worked. In event viewer I found an error saying "This drive has a bad block" which had the time pretty much exact the time I launched the game. I did a surface test and found few bad sectors too, they were not many (1 in a 150 spots).

What I have tried till now.

Reseating SATA cables to a different SATA port.
Updating and Rolling back GPU driver to old version.
Cleaning temp files.

This problem doesn't happen always it happens for 2 out of 5 times.
Tody I experienced once out of 4 times PC used. What happened I booted up it happened normally. Opened firefox tried opening a website right after then it froze task manager was open in the right it showed 100% disk usage. Again forced shutdown after which everything was normal.

My Config (PC is 5 years old and GPU 3 years)
(4+2) GB DDR3 1600MHz
GT 1030
Seagate 1TB 7200 RPM
180W 80+ Bronze PSU

What I am asking.
Is there anyway to fix this? Few things came to mind like

System Image Restore (created in August) if it didn't work then
Reinstalling Windows (which I don't want to do)

But I first I wanted your views regarding this. Like this never happened earlier yes I m using Hard Drive it's slow but what's happening is unusual. Is it the Hard Drive or the OS. I have seen 100% Disk usage for a long time with "System" as most consuming program when this happens.

Any help will be really appreciated.
google for crystaldiskinfo.exe download a copy and run it, it will show the drive SMART data that will give you an idea of the health of the drive.

you can also, start cmd.exe and run
dism.exe /online /clean-image /restorehealth
this will repair corrupted windows files if you have any,

most likely it will be issues with your hard drive. windows 10 will run a system process and scan your drive reading the data. it does this in a background system process in a effort
to find data that gets read errors, when it finds a area it tries to read the data over and over until it gets a good copy, it then moves the data to a new location and marks the old location as a bad sector.
this whole process can take a lot of time and may never complete. The process starts after your system goes idle for 5 minutes and then continues until some sleep function blocks access.
Sometimes you can tell the system not to sleep overnight by setting the control panel power options to run in high performance mode (no sleep) then the system process can run until it is done.

reading the smart data from your drive will give you an idea of how much longer the program thinks you have for a life of your drive.
(generally 3 to 5 years)

you can help the cleanup of the drive if you delete programs you don't use, delete your recycle bin, internet cache. even turn off your pagefile.sys (virtual memory) then rebooting and turning it back on to create a new pagefile.sys can help speed up the process. Windows does not have to try to recover deleted files and it can just mark the sectors as bad.