Pc to tv with hdmi - no sound!


Dec 11, 2010
I have connected my pc to lcd tv using hdmi cable.
I have used a DVI-D Dual Link Male to HDMI Female Adaptor to plug the hdmi cable into the back of my pc.
Picture is fine but cant get any sound on tv.
Any advice would be appreciated,
The DVI out of your video card can send HD audio through the HDMI cable, if it is a HD Audio equipped video card, such as the 2000 series and up if using ATI graphics. I'm not sure of where Nvidia started adding HD audio.. but it was at least 5 years ago. (I use ATI).

Use the DVI to HDMI adapter supplied with your video card.
Set the video card HD audio out as the preferred sound device in device manager.

Now it gets a bit flakey...

Winamp will only use NullSoft WavOut Output, (no DirectSound).
Cyberlink Power DVD may not initially give sound.. you may need to go to the tools and select the sound tab, change your speaker configuration to anything different from what it was when you launched Power DVD and then switch back to what you actually have. Yup, bummer eh?? It takes about 2 seconds for it to respond and then it is good for the whole movie.
VLC Player works first time every time, no matter what you are playing.
Windows Media Player, works, but has extra bass... wonder why?
Irfanview.. works fine, but where is the volume control?? (it never had one).

These things I noticed using an AMD/ATI graphics card. The DVI-HDMI adapter does Not have the 4 extra pins at the blade pin on the DVI side of the adapter.
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